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10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU – THE VIRAL LIVE

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Mine For Earn More Money

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

To Determine the Most Profitable “Cryptocurrency to Mine”, Look over the Most Popular Cryptocurrency to mine with GPU Included Here, and the Following full Detailed Comparison:

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU - THE VIRAL LIVE
10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

A GPU is an ideal option, even when cryptocurrency can be mined using the CPU as it can multiply the profit. When using GPU cryptocurrency mining, one can connect as many as 9 GPUs in addition to CPUs; you can utilize two, except for virtual CPUs.

Graphics Processing Units are the most commonly used method for mining cryptocurrency, and they are more efficient than the most robust ASICs or the less powerful CPU miners. There are still ways to mine hundreds of cryptocurrencies using algorithms that work with proof of work using these machines, and in the present, they’re the most affordable mining equipment for the majority of people. It’s no wonder that the price of GPUs is high.

GPUs differ in how much hash rates each one can offer and also in price, starting with the most powerful that is the NVIDIA GeForce 3090 RTX to the bottom of the spectrum – that of AMD Radeon R9380, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti AMD Radeon RX 477 along with AMD Radeon RX 570.

The right information about  Cryptocurrency Mining With GPU

This article explains the best cryptocurrency to mine, or the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine using GPUs they are used in mining cryptocurrency and the most popular cryptocurrencies you can begin mining right now using these devices


  1. If you are looking to purchase a GPU to mine crypto be sure to research the possible profits you can earn from mining different cryptos on particular GPUs prior to mining. Select the most profitable cryptocurrency using it.
  2. GPUs vary in the number of hash rates they produce in crypto mining and also in the price. So, do your research first on the estimated profits before you commit to any purchase. If possible, purchase and integrate multiple of them into a powerful mining machine to increase mining profits. Always think about connecting to an online mining pool, by using a single GPU or mining rig.
  3. For cryptos such as Bitcoin that aren’t efficiently mined using a GPU or rig. You might want to consider using your current GPU that can mine a different cryptocurrency and then converting it into Bitcoin or mining with pools that permit you to contribute to the mining hash rate and receive rewards Point for your efforts in Bitcoin instead of the mining crypto.

List of the Top Cryptocurrencies To Mine Using GPU

Here are some of the most popular GPU mining cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin

  2. Ethereum Classic (ETC)

  3. Dogecoin

  4. Vertcoin

  5. Monero

  6. Ravencoin

  7. Haven Protocol (XHV)

  8. Bitcoin Gold

  9. ZCash

  10. Grin

Comparative Analysis of the Most lucrative Coins that You Can Mine

Cryptocurrency Blocks of rewards Estimated daily profits Our rating
Vertcoin 12.5 Vertcoins $4.90 with 2.50 Mh/s hash rate 5/5
Bitcoin 2.5 BTC From $6 to $11 for Nicehash. 4.7/5
Monero 4.99 XMR 10 MHz hash rate. 4.6/5
Ravencoin 5 000 RVNs $4.40 per day, with

70MH/s hash speed.

Haven Protocol 5.0906 XHVs. $1.9 for 100H/s with a hash rate of. 4.55/5


1) Bitcoin

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Bitcoin remains the most profitable currency to mine using an ASIC however, it is not a GPU. Bitcoin GPU mining is not profitable at the moment, even using the use of a mining pool. However, you can mine using pools that let you contribute to the hash rate used to other cryptos and earn rewards in Bitcoin. A good example of this is Nicehash.

Nicehash estimates that you could make use of NVIDIA RX3080 NVIDIA CMP 90HX NVIDIA RX A5000 NVIDIA RX3090 along with NVIDIA Tesla A100 for earning up to 0.000125 BTC or 0.00022200 BTC per day in income mining Bitcoin using this device.

This amounts to between $6 and $11 in daily earnings for electricity costs of $0.1. It is possible to create a rig to perform single mining, as well as connect one GPU to the pool.

How do I Mine Bitcoin using a GPU:

  1. Buy a mining rig, or GPU and then set it up by installing the appropriate software.
  2. Download a BTC wallet The wallet to which the mining profits will be transferred.
  3. Join and create a mining pool Create your username, workers and copy pool URLs, as well as other information.
  4. Connect your GPU to mining pools There are different mining pools that have different configurations for connecting to a GPU and a mining pool, so make sure to verify this on the website.
  5. Start mining.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It’s still approximately 10 minutes for mining a block of BTG the same way as Bitcoin. The block reward for this currency can be as high as 6.25 BTG.
  2. Some of the applications that can be used to mine include GMiner, CUDA miner, EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner, and many more that work with the Equihash algorithm.
  3. Pools that mine BTG are,, and

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that operates without any central control or oversight by governments or banks. It is instead based on peer-to-peer programs and digital cryptography.

The public ledger is a record of every bitcoin transaction and copies are kept in servers all over the world. Anyone who has a spare computer is able to set up one of these servers, also known as an “node. The consensus on who owns which coins is made through cryptographic means on these nodes, instead of relying on the central authority similar to the bank.

Every transaction is streamed to the internet and then shared from node to. Every 10 minutes or so, these transactions are collated by miners to form a group known as a block. Then, they are added forever to the Blockchain. This is the only bitcoin account book.

Much like you’d store the traditional currency in your physical wallet virtual currency is stored in digital wallets that can be accessed via clients using software or a variety of hardware and online tools.

Bitcoins can be divided by seven decimal numbers: one-thousandth of a bitcoin can be called a million, and one hundred millionth of bitcoin is called the Satoshi.



2) Ethereum Classic (ETC)

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Ethereum Classic makes use of the EtcHash or Thanos upgrade which is a modification of the algorithm used by Ethash. It is the F2pool pool that ranks an upgrade to the Jasmine X4 as the best mining machine for Ethereum Classic. With a hash speed of 2,500 mH/z, this machine is expected to yield a profit per day of $76.01. Other machines that can be utilized are those from the JASMINE X4 BRICK.

How do you make Ethereum Classic with a GPU:

  1. Purchase and set up the GPU. Installation of Ethereum Classic mining software or another GPU mining application that is compatible with Ethereum Classic mining. Claymore Dual Ethereum, Ethminer, MinerGate, GMiner, and NBMiner.
  2. Find out more about joining a mining pool. many mining pools are available for Ethereum Classic. These include xnpool, Ethermine, 2Miners, F2Pool, Nanopool, and MiningPoolHub.
  3. Configure your wallet to work with a mining pool The configuration of the wallet is made by using the mining software and is dependent on the program you are using. A few wallets which you can create an address for your wallet include Atomic Wallet, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet and numerous physical wallets.

Ethereum Classic Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. Most commonly mined using Ethminer, Claymore Miner, FinMiner, GMiner as well as NBMiner GPU miners. Cruxminer, GMiner, lol mine, Nanominer, NBMiner, and OpenETC Pool, are also some of the applications you can employ for mining ETC.
  2. The cryptocurrency can be mined by using various pools, including, 2Miners, Ethermine, f2pool, and P2pool among other pools.
  3. It is also possible to mine on the VPS server.
  4. Ethereum Classic’s block rewards are 3.2 ETC. Every block is created every 10.3 seconds.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a decentralized, blockchain-based open-source computing platform and also cryptocurrency. It allows developers to build and deploy smart contracts–autonomous, self-executing code blocks that trigger certain actions based on predefined conditions.

The ETC network is not permissionless and anyone can participate and perform transactions provided they have an appropriate cryptocurrency wallet. The network was created in 2016 due to an ideology-driven and technological rift among the Ethereum community after the notorious DAO attack.

With smart contracts, it’s possible to construct a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation or DAO using Ethereum. In simple terms the decision-making and governance apparatus of the DAO can be codified and does not need human intervention, to speak.

In 2016 German startup has launched its DAO Project on Ethereum also called “The DAO”. The project was able to raise over $150 million through crowdfunding, hackers made use of an insecure contract to steal $50 million. To restore the funds, a majority of Ethereum users, including the founders Vitalik Buterin as well as Gavin Wood — backed the radical modification of the base protocol of the blockchain, also known as an insertion of a fork. This led to the development of the brand new Ethereum (ETH) chain.

However, a portion of the community was against the split and decided instead to adhere to the idea of “Code is Law”. The belief that blockchains are not able to be altered according to human desires, they remained in the old chain and changed its name to Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Because Ethereum Classic retains the original code of the Ethereum blockchain in the same way it was prior to the DAO attack It is commonly regarded to be the “original” Ethereum crypto.



3) Dogecoin

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

The reward for Dogecoin’s blockchain is 10,000 DOGE for each block mined. The astronomical growth over the past few years, especially by 2021 make it a fantastic opportunity for cryptocurrency GPU miners. It is built in the Scrypt algorithm that allows merged mining of cryptocurrency.

In this case, you could combine mining it with Litecoin using your GPU, without impacting the performance of your machine. This makes it one of the most efficient coins that you can mine using GPU.

Its RTX 3090 Ultra Gaming is most likely the best GPU to mine Dogecoin, but you may also check using RTX 2080 Ti RTX 2070 GeForce GTX 1080T, RX 580 GTS as well as AMD Radeon RX 5700XT. In terms of profitability, you could make approximately $49.99 per day, based on the mining rate that is 9,500MH/s.

How do I mine Dogecoin Cryptocurrency on a GPU

  1. Purchase and set up the GPU. Set up GPU mining software like CudaMiner, CGMiner, and EasyMiner.
  2. Create a wallet for Doge: For example, go to, Trust Wallet, Dogecoin, and more.
  3. Join a mining pool and set up hardware to work with it The Dogecoin mining pools are those like Aikapool, Litecoinpool, 1coinPool, Multipool, and Prohashing.
  4. Start mining.

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It takes around 3 minutes to validate the block in the Aeternity blockchain. The amount of reward for each block that is mined is approximately 124 (AE).
  2. Mining software includes CryptoDredge as well as Bminer. It is possible to use NBminer and Gmeiner can be utilized with NVIDIA hardware. It is also possible to test HSPMinerAE, NiceHash.
  3. Mining pools that mine this coin comprise,, multi-coin mining pool. The most well-known pool in mining the coin is the 2miners pool which has 58% of the shares followed by at 41%.

What is Dogecoin?

DOGE was developed as a lighter alternative to traditional cryptocurrency However, it’s now become highly important. This explanation will aid you to understand the concept behind it and how it operates.

In the early years duration of its existence, Dogecoin has been viewed to be a fun “meme coin” beloved by its community however, it was of little value. The situation changed in 2021. at the end of April of that year, Dogecoin has become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization -having a value that has reached $50 billion, despite the fact that each coin is worth just pennies ( see the current price).

How can that be possible? It’s because there’s lots of Dogecoin around the globe. Contrary to Bitcoin which was created to be a scarce currency and not subject to inflation, Dogecoin was developed to be a plethora of. It has around 130 billion DOGE floating around and miners generate an additional 10,000 DOGE every minute. (By contrast, there is 19 million Bitcoin in circulation, but only 12.5 BTC are mined every 10 or so minutes.)

Abundance is the main tenet of the concept — DOGE (pronounced “doh coin”) was developed as a humorous low-risk Bitcoin alternative. When it launched in late 2013, it was able to draw an active online community who have utilized DOGE for everything from tipped people for great Reddit comments to aiding to send the Jamaican Bobsled Team for in the 2013 Winter Olympics in Sochi.



4) Vertcoin

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Verticoin is aSIC-resistant. At a hash rate of mining of 2.50 Mh/s and energy consumption of 450 Watts, The profit would be around $4.90 per day with an energy cost at $0.10 kWh. The algorithm used in cryptography Verthash is designed to create blocks every two minutes and 24 seconds. The reward for a block can be 12.5 Vertcoins.

How do you mine Vertcoin using a GPU

  1. Purchase a GPU There are hundreds of GPUs that you can use that can be used on their own or as part of a mining rig. These comprise the NVIDIA GeForce the RTX3060LHR and anything else higher than it.
  2. Install and download and install the VTC wallet: It can be downloaded via Vertcoin’s website. Vertcoin website. Find the address of your wallet following this.
  3. Select a mining company that is based on the potential and reward for profit. There are several mining pools that you can choose from for example, such as simple mine. online, supernova. cc, and
  4. Install your mining equipment according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Then download the appropriate GPU mining applications to alter the settings. For instance, utilize CCMiner or SG Miner for the coin.

Vertcoin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It isn’t mineable using ASICs or CPU cards.
  2. VerthashMine software is utilized to mine crypto.
  3. Mined using GTX 1080 10, 1080 Ti, Radion RX 560, Vega64, and GTX 2080, along with GTX 1660.
  4. Mining can be done individually or through a GPU mining pool.
  5. There are several pools worth looking into, including,,, and Different pools have different rates or commissions.

The software will connect to the mining pool by using the configurations (pool URL, worker’s username and password) that are provided by the specific pool on their website.

What Is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency that is able to be transferred to and from people via the internet. Vertcoin (VTC) is in line with the initial idea of cryptocurrency that is a financial system that is owned by its users, the coin of the people.

Vertcoin cannot be controlled by big banks or mining hardware makers and is mineable by anyone who wants to profit. The coin is freely distributed, without Premine ICO and airdrop Vertcoin is created by members of the community who work as volunteers. The project is completely supported through donations.

An unreliable resource, similar as gold. You can be at ease knowing the fact that Vertcoin can keep your cash secure from vested interests and ensure that transaction costs are evenly distributed and divided among the many miners. With Vertcoin it is possible to become the bank of your choice.

Vertcoin’s algorithm was designed to stop the creation of custom mining equipment and multipool mining. This ensures that transactions are vetted through a large-scale distributed network, thereby avoiding selling pressure that occurs when huge mining pools randomly flood the market with newly mined coins.

Our team of developers has pledged to take any steps required to shield this cryptocurrency from special mining machines and to ensure that it is capable of mining using common high-end equipment.

This is fantastic news for miners since it provides the chance for all miners to compete fairly against each with no need to be concerned about falling prey to untrustworthy hardware makers who might not be able to provide pre-ordered equipment.



5) Monero

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Monero is among the most straightforward cryptos that can be mined with GPUs, and one you can explore mining using the VCPU for instance as a project for experimentation. The following GPUs can be utilized to mine Monero – ASRock Radeon RX 5700, The XT Phantom Gaming D ASUS Dual Radeon RX 8GB 480 OCC as well as MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ventus XS with OC.

At present, using a 10 MHz hash rate you earn around $11 per month by mining Monero using the help of a GPU. The mining reward for Monero is approximately 4.99 XMR. Validators also pay a transaction fee of 0.06573 XMR for each block. It takes about two minutes to validate an individual block.

There are a variety of pools that you can join, which include those that you can join to mine, or profit-switching while mining Monero. Mining alone requires you to invest a lot in GPU mining equipment.

How do you mine Monero using a GPU

  1. Purchase a GPU, connect it to the motherboard and other components and install appropriate software.
  2. Install your Monero wallet. It is possible to start using a web-based wallet such as Monero, Monerujo mobile wallet, and many others. It’s also compatible with the Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T.
  3. Sign up and connect to a mining pool: Examples include, SupportXMR,, and Connection to a mining platform is accomplished using your mining program or other applications and requires the input of information about the pool, such as the mining URL, mining wallet’s account, username, worker’s name or other information. You can confirm this connection with the pool website or the software website the one you’re interested in.

Ravencoin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. Users don’t have to invest a large amount of money to purchase CPUs for mining. Additionally, do not consume excessive energy when mining using CPUs.
  2. 1 Monero is mined every second. Miners earn about 4.99 XMR.
  3. It is possible to mine solo using GPUs highly recommended, however, it is also possible to mine on pools.
  4. Pools for mining Monero include,,,

What is Monero?

Monero (XMR) is one of the very first cryptocurrencies to incorporate cryptography, which allowed for real improvements in security and fungibility over other alternatives.

Its most distinctive feature was its capability to permit users to make and receive transactions, without making any information accessible to anyone looking at its blockchain.

In this way, Monero is often classed alongside other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, like Zcash ( ZEC) which have attempted to fix privacy issues that exist in Bitcoin ( BTC). (On Bitcoin, transactions reveal the amount of money exchanged and also the information regarding the sender and receiver in default.)

This is what allows the traceability of bitcoins making them more secure because companies are able to detect and blacklist bitcoins associated with suspected criminal activity for instance.

While projects like Zcash were greeted with media attention and support from venture capitalists, Monero’s beginnings are closer to Bitcoin’s. Both projects had an online community of tech enthusiasts which slowly grew as the company gained trust in the market and gained market share.

However, Monero is also differentiating in different areas other than the privacy aspect.

For instance, the software of Monero is designed to update itself each six-month period, a consistent time frame that has enabled it to significantly add new features without much debate.

This means that Monero is able to keep introducing cryptographic innovations such as stealth addresses (which enable users to create unique addresses) and ring transactions (which cover up the transaction amount).

With its commitment to lead this kind of innovation, Monero continues to attract attention from researchers and cryptographers seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with cryptocurrency.



6) Ravencoin

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Ravencoin is among the most profitable coins to mine. It is utilized in platforms to represent gold, virtual goods shares, shares, and various kinds of assets. Ravencoin can be mined using NVIDIA GPUs, especially starting on the RTX series. It is possible to choose GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB GeForce GTX 1080 GTX 1070 as well as RX 570. You can actually mine cryptocurrency using an CPU.

If you are looking for a profit margin at 70 MH/s, you earn approximately $4.40 per day by mining this cryptocurrency using a GPU. The payout per block made is five thousand RVNs.

How do you mine Ravencoin using a GPU

  1. Create a wallet A good example of software that you can utilize to set up a wallet is Raven Core.
  2. Purchase and install GPUs Install them on your motherboard and attach other accessories, and then run your GPU mining program. There are several options to download Kawpowminer, Gmeiner, T-Rex Miner, TeamRedMiner, NBMiner, and Nanominer.
  3. Select and sign up for mining pools. On your mining program, you can configure the details of your mining pool by your mining pool account. This includes the mining pool’s URL address, wallet address, employee name and so on. This is contingent on the mining program employed. In some programs, you can set up the mining pool using the bat file that is installed by the program. One example is that of the NBMiner_Win start_rvn.bat file that comes with NBMiner. NBMiner software.

Ravencoin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It is not possible to mine with ASICs which allows people to mine for a low cost. costs.
  2. Popular software that you can use to mine Ravencoin is BMiner, NBMiner, and DamoMiner. MinerGate can also mine it via phone, but we doubt that it will be as profitable.
  3. You can mine it with a variety of mining pools, including 2Miners, Blacksmith, Bsod, Coinotron, Flypool, HeroMiners, Skypool, MiningPoolHub, Nanopool, Suprnova, and WoolyPooly.
  4. GamerHash also allows the mining of cryptocurrency.
  5. The block is created or mined each minute, resulting in an amount of reward per block, which is 5,000 RVN.

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a program that aims to motivate a group of computers that operate as a platform that lets users develop a new category of cryptocurrency assets.

The protocol was designed to make it easier to create as well as the transfer of tokens which represent tangible assets like gold, collectibles, securities tickets for events or airline miles.

Ravencoin was created as an open-source alternative to bitcoin’s codebase. This means that its developers copied and modified Bitcoin’s code to incorporate additional features that are designed to meet different purposes.

Alongside the capability, for users to issue customized assets to its network other modifications included one-minute block times and a block reward of 5 000 RVN which is the currency of Ravencoin, and an unlimited supply that is 21 trillion RVN.

To secure their network Ravencoin employs the same consensus method that is similar to Bitcoin’s Proof of Works (PoW). Instead of mining using specialized hardware anyone wanting to become a mining user can do it using their personal CPU.



7) Haven Protocol (XHV)

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Haven Protocol blockchain lets anyone create private tokens that represent the fiat currency, commodities and more, regardless of whether they’re unstable or stable. The RandomX protocol upon which Monero is based is impervious against ASIC mining. It is built on Monero which is an anonymous token. By mining 100 H/s, you can earn $1.9 in mining profits each month.

A couple of GPUs that you can make use of the Haven Protocol is the RX 4XX, RX 5XX, VEGA series.

How to Mine Haven Protocol with a GPU:

  1. If you’ve bought GPUs connected to the motherboard and created a rig. Set up the mining application. Try SRBMiner, JCE Miner, and Cast XMR as well as other GPUs.
  2. Create a Haven Protocol wallet address and join the mining pool: The mining pools are Hero Miners, Miner Rocks, Fracking Miner, Hashvault, Hashpool, Fairpool, and Do OK.
  3. Connect the pool to the miner by following the guidelines on the pool website Some programs, like the SRBMiner requires editing of the config.txt as well as the pools.txt files. For other software, you must check the details of your configuration using their GUI which will include setting the wallet address, the worker’s name as well as the pool’s URL.

Haven Protocol Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It has Monero’s privacy features like RingCT and stealth addresses. It can therefore be used to send private messages and receive.
  2. The presence of fiat-pegged, gold and silver-pegged coins permits the storage of value-added money in a steady form to ensure that there is no volatility crash. Following mining, one are able to change and keep.
  3. Are you in search of Haven mining facilities? Check out Hero Miners, Miner Rocks, Fracking Miner, Hashvault, FairPool, and Hashpool.
  4. It is possible to mine it using the same software that mines Monero. Software for mining Haven Protocol includes BLOC GUI Miner, CryptoDredge, and SRBMineR.

What is Haven Protocol?

The currency of the base for Haven is XHV. The base currency for the Haven network is the XHV. Haven is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) crypto that is based upon the CryptoNote protocol that has an average block time of two minutes.

Haven was built upon the foundation of Monero which is widely believed to be the leading privacy software. Haven takes over all Monero’s privacy functions. It further enhances the privacy features by offering private, stable commodities and currencies (xAssets) that can only exist by “burning” of the Haven base currency (XHV). The first stable coin private to be released in Haven’s payment will be the xUSD.

The number of XHV coins are out there?

The current circulating supply is available on this page. As of January 28th of 2020, the total circulation of XHV was 11,546,892.

If xUSD (and the future xAssets) are released live via the Haven network the supply of XHV could change dynamically in line with the market demand and supply.

If people discover value in the use of xUSD (and the future xAssets) then XHV may have to be burned. It is crucial to be aware the fact that the first supply for each newly integrated xAsset will be zero. So, a decrease in the supply of XHV may occur in the near time. In certain cycles, the amount of XHV might increase. Proof-of-Work mining is always able to provide the XHV market with liquidity and will also secure access to the Haven network.

Simulation of supply scenarios in bear and bull markets is available on the whitepaper. Its emission of tail is same as that of Monero.



8) Bitcoin Gold

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Bitcoin Gold is a spin-off of Bitcoin and makes use of bitcoin gold and uses the Equihash(144,5) as well as the Zhash algorithm, which operates perfectly on multiple GPUs. If you’re searching for the most powerful GPUs for mining Bitcoin Gold, you can consider using the GTX 1080 Ti which ranks as one of the top GPUs for this job.

How do you extract Bitcoin Gold with a GPU:

  1. Create a Bitcoin Gold wallet, for instance using Guarda as well as Atomic Wallet.
  2. Install and buy your GPU. Install mining software such as Unmineable Miner Software. Other options include EWBF Miner Optimizer as well as Claymore’s Zcash/BTG miner.
  3. Join a mining pool. This includes,,,, supernova. cc, and
  4. Connect the hardware to the pool by using miner software. Each mining software has its own settings for configuration requirements for these pools. So make certain to verify the requirements on the mining software or the pool website.

Bitcoin Gold Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It’s still approximately 10 minutes for mining a block using BTG the same way as Bitcoin. The block reward for this currency can be as high as 6.25 BTG.
  2. Some of the applications to mine include GMiner, CUDA miner, EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner, as well as others that use the Equihash algorithm.
  3. Pools that extract BTG comprise,, and

What is Bitcoin Gold?

It was launched in October 2017 Bitcoin Gold is a hard-fork of the first Bitcoin. The idea behind a hard fork is to use an additional blockchain as a base to build its own network. The creators use the initial chain and modify certain parameters by breaking the chain into an independent network.

In the instance of Bitcoin Gold, it utilized the structure that is part of the Bitcoin chain to develop its own chain, which aims to tackle some of the issues that are associated with Bitcoin. Other types of Bitcoin hard-forks include Bitcoin Diamond as well as Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Gold has experienced several security breaches since its beginning. It was the target of major DDoS attacks on the very day of its debut. Bitcoin Gold miners accused its developers of introducing additional mining costs during the attack, which led to a lack of trust between developers and miners.

Bitcoin Gold developers also filed an action against Coinbase shortly after the launch of Bitcoin Gold, as Coinbase did not airdrop Bitcoin Gold the tokens it promised in the direction of Bitcoin holders. The verdict came in the favor of Coinbase. This increased the suspicion and strained relationship with Bitcoin Gold developers and users.

The fact is, Bitcoin Gold has not had a security breach for two years and the developer’s relationship with the users is gradually improving.



9) ZCash

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Zcash is one of the Top Cryptocurrencies to Mine right Now uses the equihash algorithm that is an altered variant that uses the PoW algorithm, which is better suited for GPU mining rather than ASIC mining.

The most effective GPUs that you can use for mining Zcash include GTX 1080 from NVIDIA, Nvidia GTX 1070, GTX 1070Ti GTX 1070 along with the AMD Vega 56/64. The performance of each of these GPUs differs. With a hash speed of 135,000 H/s, you could make $6.87 each day of profits.

How do you mine Zcash using a GPU

  1. Install, buy and configure your GPU on your PC. Install all drivers and install the GPU mining software, such as the Nvidia EWBF Miner
  2. Create a wallet account. This includes those wallets: the Nighthawk wallet for mobiles, Zecwallet Lite, etc.
  3. Install and download the Zcash mining software. There is no need to download the complete Zcash blockchain or use a complex Command-line miner.
  4. Register and set up the mining pool. The mining pools you should look at for this cryptocurrency are, zpool Equihash, Bitfly, 2miners, Luckpool, and Minergate.
  5. Start mining.

Zcash New Features:

  1. ASIC resistance. It is best mined with GPUs by using EWBF Zcash miner Windows miner. It is able to be mined using CPUs, making it a great option for beginners.
  2. GPU miners are able to use Optimizer as well as EWBF Cuda software to optimize. There is also the option to utilize GUI mining, console, and Android mining applications.
  3. The best mining pool for mining is the ZEC mining pool which can be described as an in-house mining pool. Other pools that mine comprise Flypool, Nanopool, and Slushpool.

Block reward after every 75 minutes equals 3.125 ZECs. 10 blocks are created every 2.5 minutes.

What is Zcash?

ZCash was created in the year 2016 when a team of scientists thought of creating a cryptocurrency that was similar to Bitcoin but with extra features. They came up with a fork from the Bitcoin blockchain which has enhanced security for users and a greater degree of privacy. The researchers first came up with Zerocoin and it later became Zerocash within a short time after its first release. In the end, the cryptocurrency was changed to ZCash.

ZCash is a fork from Bitcoin’s Bitcoin codebase. The year 2014 was when Eli Ben-Sasson, Alessandro Chiesa, Christina Garman, Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Eran Tromer, and Madars Virza were of the opinion that their weaknesses in the method transactions were tracked by Bitcoin’s blockchain. In their whitepaper describing their plans, they named the cryptocurrency Zerocash.

The team of scientists founded Zerocoin Electric Coin Company in 2015. Zerocoin Electric Coin Company in the year 2015. The name was changed in 2016. was changed to Zcash and the business changed its logo to become the Electric Coin Company.

ZCash makes use of the zk-SNARK security protocol that ensures that all participants in transactions are authenticated without divulging any personal information to one another or to the network.



10) Grin

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine With GPU

Grin cryptocurrency can be mined in the amount of one Block every minute. A block miner receives sixty Grin reward. If you’re looking to start mining Grin it is recommended to look at GPUs such as that of NVIDIA the RTX 2080 Ti Radeon RX 580, 580, and 590 7x Asus GTX 1060, and numerous other GPUs.

You may also purchase the RTX 2060 20, 2070, 2080 or 2080 Ti graphics cards. In terms of profit, you can utilize an online calculator to calculate your profitability but it’s possible to make about $1.44 for a single GPU every day, at lower than a 10-percent percent hash speed.

How do I mine Grin Cryptocurrency using a GPU

  1. Create a Grin wallet for example it is one of the wallets, such as GrinPlus wallet. It is also possible to consider other wallets such as of Samourai, BreadWallet, and GreenAdress wallets.
  2. Find out more about and join one or more GRIN mining pools. You can also try individual pools such as Aeternity SOLO MimbleWimbleCoin SOLO, Cortex SOLO along GRIN SOLO.
  3. Install GPUs as well as install mining applications such as Gmeiner, IolMiner, and GrinGoldMiner.
  4. You can configure the mining software to run for example, by setting .bat files and then running the mining program.

Grin Cryptocurrency New Features:

  1. It is possible to mine with Gmeiner, GrinGoldMiner, Cudo Miner, and lol mine GPU mining software. The software is free to download.
  2. You can mine it through pools like 2miners and Different pools have different payout rates and rates.
  3. It is possible to mine it through mining alone using ASICs.
  4. Grin is light due because of the MimbleWimble protocol. It is scalable based on the number of users, not on the number of transactions.

What is a grin?

The GRIN cryptocurrency has a similar history to the one similar to that of Bitcoin The GRIN cryptocurrency was invented on January 15th, 2019 (on the XNUMX anniversary of Bitcoin) by an unidentified developer under the pseudonym Ignotus Peverell. The operation of GRIN is quite different in many ways from the conventional blockchain that we have come across as of now. Because it is built on the protocol called MimbleWimble.

The purpose of the protocol is to construct a blockchain that is completely anonymous, more secure, scalable, and lightweight. There is no need to maintain a precise and unique record of every one of the transactions performed. Actually, the transactions are executed through direct interaction between wallets. Therefore, they’re done completely anonymously prior to being recorded with the blockchain.

So, GRIN is about an open-source project as well as cryptocurrency, which permits electronic transactions with no restrictions. This has received a positive reaction from his followers. From an investment or speculative viewpoint, similar to what has been the case with other currencies, the owners of this cryptocurrency anticipate that it will appreciate when it is accepted by more exchanges, people and other services.

Presently (November 2019) There is an available supply in the range of 25.837.560 GRIN coins at a price of between $ 116 to $ 1,20 for each unit. This means that the currency has an estimated market capitalization of $ 30.028.322 which puts it at 124 on the market.

We’re talking about a cryptocurrency that is relatively new, having only been around for a couple of months since its creation. It will require some time to establish your goals and objectives in terms of privacy, scalability, and decentralization. However, they will certainly make GRIN one of the frequently used currencies for transactions around the world.



FAQs about the best cryptocurrency to Mine

Q 1) What exactly is GPU mining?

Answer The answer is that graphic processing units are units of processing composed of electronic circuits utilized in computers and are more efficient and effective in comparison to their counterparts on the market, called CPUs.

Although they were developed for the purpose of speeding up the process of creating images in a computer through changing or speeding up the computer’s memory, they also are employed in mining cryptocurrency as they speed up the process.

Q 2) Are GPU mining profitable?

Answer Yes, in many instances. The financial benefit of making use of GPUs for mining cryptocurrency is contingent on the cryptocurrency that is being mined. For cryptos such as BTC, it’s less profitable due to the high level of competition for mining with ASICs or applications-specific integrated circuits to mine.

They are however profitable when mining of Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency. To get started with BTC mining using GPUs, you can try mining pools such as Nicehash that allow you to pay the high rate of the miner and also mine other cryptos, however, you will be paid in BTC.

Q 3) Does mining actually cause problems for GPUs?

Answer It’s not true, but it does not cause harm to your computer. If you’re mining a profitable coin, it can be an additional profit to utilize the computer while playing games. The majority of crypto mining software allows users to mine cryptocurrency using a GPU when it is in an idle state and is not utilized. It is a great tool. Another program allows you to mine cryptocurrency with little energy, and join mining pools to boost your profits.

Q 4) What is the time it will take to min 1 BTC?

Answer: It takes approximately 10 minutes for processing one Bitcoin as a reward for each block mined. However, this isn’t what is required for a person to mine their own BTC. It’s dependent on the type of mining device as different machines have different amounts of hash rates.

With any GPU or CPU and especially mining BTC is going to take time, however, with an ASIC that is a CPU, you will require a 149.2 percent hash rate per second in order to extract 1 BTC every day. An Antminer S19 Pro, one of the most powerful ASICs would require 1,133.5 days to mine 1 Bitcoin in sole mode. This is the reason mining with pools works.

Q 5) How much do GPU miners make?

The answer is: thanks to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti and 3080 models, you could earn up to 7 dollars per day, or even more by mining cryptocurrency. Moreover, when you use ASICs like the Whatsminer MW20S You can earn around $8 in the same amount.

Of course, you are able to construct rigs using GPUs and earn the amount you’d like based on the amount of GPUs and ASICs that you employ. The limit is determined by the amount you spend. Mining farms earn millions of dollars by mining cryptocurrency through mining pools.

Q 6) What is the number of GPUs I require to mine?

Answer: There isn’t a limit or minimum to the number of GPUs that you can mine with you can begin with just one. If you’re engaged in a serious mining venture that requires a high-end machine, six GPUs is suggested.

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