17-year-old Charlie D’Amelio, who has 115.2 million Tiktok followers, says his ‘every move’ is hard to criticize: ‘It’s tough’

Charlie D’Melio opens up about the impact of fame on his personal and professional life. (Photo: Getty Image)

Charlie D’Amelio is the most prominent person TIC Toc With 115.2 million followers at just 17 years old. But Kishore is opening up about how his quick success on the app has caused conflict in his personal and professional life as he knows what to do next with his fame.

“Too much excitement about trying some new things, trying to fall into a few different categories, which I might have been before, but it really wasn’t for me, if that makes sense. That’s all. Definitely a lot of searching that I can do. What I have been given, “she shared on Sister Dixie D’Melio Youtube Talk Show.

What Charlie expresses as his biggest concern, however, is getting in the way of his friendship with other creators.

“I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” she said. “And I think if I’m going in any direction, I’m like … I don’t know. I would hate the person, I think that’s why I try myself Stopping. Lots of new things. “

Although Charlie was best known for his dancing on social media platforms, he struck deals with Dunkin ‘Donuts, Hollister and makeup brand Morphe to create and promote specialty products in several categories. Although Dixie released the music and created a burgeoning interview series, however, Charlie feels he has lagged behind.

“Everyone already has their thing and I haven’t really got mine yet,” Charlie continued. “It’s just difficult because as hard as it is to try to do something that no one else has done, it’s like, I want to try to compete with my friends instead. But it’s definitely Harder than, I don’t want bad. Blood with anyone. “

She also admitted that her job has been greatly enjoyed by both increasing criticism and competition.

“I think when you have opportunities that are so amazing, but then there’s a whole world of critics for your every move, it’s so hard to take pleasure in the things that are so torn up , “She admitted. “It’s so hard to keep doing something that people say how much they hate it and it’s hard. It doesn’t look like it was used where there was collaboration and fun and everyone was friends. Now it’s like. , Everyone is trying to beat each one. Other and it’s like that, it doesn’t make any sense to me. “

Charlie said that those who thought his friends only reached him were “convenient for him”, and even stopped reaching out because he seemed to be in such high demand. “The people who were trying to get there for everyone, they left them in the dust and I think I am what I am.” “It’s hard not to be like a big friend group to support you when you’re going through things.”

Dixie agreed with her sister, saying, “They stopped when they realized you wanted a real friendship, not just a collab and they couldn’t use you. They left all the real people behind.” . “

“I mean I’ve trusted a lot of people and they’ve shown their true colors,” Charlie said.

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