5 Best Car Insurance in Florida For New Drivers 2022

5 Best Car Insurance in Florida For New Drivers 2022
5 Best Car Insurance in Florida For New Drivers 2022

5 Best Car Insurance in Florida For New Drivers 2022

The most reliable car insurance firms in Florida include The General, GAINSCO, and Direct Auto. The most reliable car insurance companies in Florida can help save drivers hundreds of dollars each year, while also providing outstanding coverage and excellent customer service. Finding the most reliable car insurance company in Florida is crucial since Florida is ranked 36th in lowest prices across the nation on average.

Insurance for cars in Florida is among the most expensive in the nation which makes the task of locating the best insurer difficult. This article will talk about our top five choices for Florida insurance for cars, many of which have been ranked highly in our top car insurance reviews for 2021.

When deciding on the top car insurance providers for Florida drivers The experts here at Home Media Review Team consider the options for coverage, affordability, and the financial strength of the company. In addition, we took into account the customer experience throughout the claims and quotes process. It is important to compare quotes from a variety of leading insurers to determine the best price and coverage that is most suitable for your needs.

What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance? 

When it comes to answering the commonly asked query “how much is car insurance” It is crucial to be aware that rates depend on the individual rating factors as well as the information about their vehicle that they provide when they request an estimate. In the United States, insurance policies with full coverage average $1,771 annually.

As well as the type of coverage and levels you pick additional factors can impact the final cost of your insurance. Insurance companies base their rates on their perceived risk which means the following elements (and additional factors) will affect the cost of your insurance:

“Full coverage” refers to the policy that provides liability, collision coverage along with comprehensive and collision coverage. The minimum coverage is the minimum requirement of a state and costs about $545 on average annually.

City and state States and cities: Different states have different insurance laws, and different statistics on accidents and costs of living. The city you live in and the zip code (in the majority of states) could affect the amount you have to pay.

Driving history: If you have a history of accidents and stampedes as well as DUI convictions You are more likely to have to pay more for insurance.

Experience and age: Drivers younger than are less experienced in the roadway, and this means accidents are more frequent and the rate is generally higher than the average. Hawaii and Massachusetts prohibit using age to be a criterion for judging.

Insurance lapses in the past Since the majority of states require that drivers have at minimum a certain amount of insurance, the loss of insurance could lead to higher rates when you renew the policy.

Level of coverage A lower level of coverage and a lower limit can mean lower costs, but it will also mean lower financial protection, and more cost of out-of-pocket expenses if there is an accident.

Model and make of the vehicle The make and model of the vehicle have distinct characteristics that influence the risk that accidents will occur, the seriousness of accidents, and also the repair cost. Due to this, every vehicle will have a distinct amount to cover.

Credit-based insurance score In many states, the credit score is utilized to determine whether you will be able to make claims. Drivers with lower credit scores typically pay more for insurance.

How do you evaluate the Best Car Insurance Companies?

Insurance for cars in Florida is pricey, primarily due to the high volume of traffic as well as a large number of auto accidents. As per NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Florida was the fourth-highest-priced state to purchase insurance for cars in the year 2018.

When comparing multiple auto insurance providers, it could be beneficial to conduct an apples-to-apples comparison. Being able to identify firms that can meet your requirements and how they compare is a useful ability.

Although an average annual premium estimate can provide a useful indication of how a company compares with other companies, it’s not the whole picture. Quotes should be ideally based on similar insurance coverage levels and types that give each business the same details regarding personal information as well as vehicle details.

Florida drivers pay an average of $1,426.46 in the year they lived, as contrasted with the national median of $1,056.55. These figures are inclusive of the minimum and full coverage policies.

It is up to you, but you might also wish to check out third-party, trusted ratings, for example, the J.D. Power rating for customer satisfaction and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Consumer Complaints Index and the Financial Strength Grade, for further evaluation of the performance of the business. Numerous Credit rating companies.

The information is available on the internet or through an insurance agent who will be able to assist you with the information you need about the auto insurers that you are looking for.

To help you get a better understanding of what you will spend on automobile insurance provided an average NAIC rate for various types of Florida insurance for cars below:

Liability Insurance: $1,009.94

Collision Coverage: $361.79

Comprehensive Coverage: $149.26

1. Allstate

Highly rated with the J.D. Power 2021 American Automobile Insurance SurveySM of Florida, Allstate is our number one choice for Floridian drivers. It’s an excellent choice for those who want an outstanding customer experience.

According to the J.D. Power study that looked at the processing of claims, billing negotiations with customers, billing, policy pricing, and offers, Allstate scored 846 out of a possible 1000.

The fourth-largest insurer in terms of market share, Allstate offers a wide array of options for coverage that make it an excellent option for many motorists and, in particular, those who have special vehicles.

Allstate provides six different types of insurance for automobiles and roadside protection as well as individual umbrella policies and rental reimbursement insurance. The rewards program offered by Allstate offers additional benefits that allow drivers to earn points towards hotel rooms, gift card purchases, and other great benefits.

The insurance company for cars also offers rideshare insurance to policyholders who drive for Uber, Lyft, and other services. The tourist-friendly cities of Florida are among the top in the nation for rideshare services, this insurance is beneficial to numerous drivers.

Allstate also has a secure driving program named Drivewise(r). The app on mobile is designed to monitor and reward good driving habits. For every six months of doing a good job at driving, Allstate rewards motorists with an insurance discount for autos.

Although Allstate might not be the most affordable car insurance policy in Florida It does provide an exceptional value that many drivers believe is worth the price. Collectors of antique and classic cars may choose to purchase the classic car insurance of Allstate to protect their vehicle’s intrinsic value in the event of a costly accident.

Allstate is among the few insurance providers that provide insurance for customized equipment. Allstate’s policies for full coverage offer a more expensive average price than the other insurance companies that are listed on Bankrate’s list. However, those who have spent money upgrading their vehicles with the most advanced sound system require greater coverage than Allstate offers. Does.

Benefits and Drawbacks 


  1. Custom or classic car coverage
  2. Unique points-based rewards program
  3. Two programs that are based on the usage of a vehicle could allow you to adjust rates


  1. Rates that are higher than average
  2. Scores of customer satisfaction vary by the region

2. Geico

Geico U.S. It is among the biggest auto insurance companies across the U.S., which means it has a high level of financial stability. AM Best gave the insurer an A+ (Superior) score for financial stability. Gecko also offers some of the most affordable auto insurance policies in Florida.

Jio’s history of being a reputable, well-known auto insurance company is evident in its excellent credit score on its Bankrate and is among the main reasons for us to have it listed as a top business.

It is offered to nearly all drivers and makes car insurance coverage available to those who have poor driving records.

In our analysis of the best insurance firms, we chose Geico among our Editors’ Choice, and its outstanding reputation is a reality for Florida drivers.

Alongside standard insurance, Jio offers emergency roadside assistance as well as rental reimbursement. Jio is among the few top auto insurance companies to provide Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) which acts as a warranty for cars and will cover partial breakdowns caused by regular use.

Jio is among the very few auto insurance firms that provide policies to drivers after risky incidents, for example, a DUI conviction. Although high-risk policies tend to be priced higher, high-risk drivers might have a difficult time obtaining coverage from major insurance firms. Geico is a readily available option for the majority of people.

What distinguishes Geico distinct from other insurance companies is the wide array of discounts available to be anything from good at driving to a federal employee. The discounts are rather high, with some saving you as much as 26% off the cost of your insurance.

Benefits and drawbacks


  1. Typically, it is available to drivers at high risk
  2. Highly rated digital application and mobile tools
  3. A wide range of offers


  1. Customer satisfaction scores differ by the region
  2. A broader range of options for coverage
  3. A smaller number of local agents in-person when compared with other car insurance firms

3. State Farm

State Farm is another good alternative for car insurance that is cheap in Florida. It’s also a great choice for insurance for students. State Farm has a safe driving program known as Steer Clear(r) for drivers who are under 25 years old.

The program includes classes that include mentoring, driving hours and practice that will help the student driver get an auto premium discount.

The biggest auto insurance company in the country in terms of market share, State Farm’s coverage, and standing in the market place it is among the top auto insurance providers for drivers from all states.

The extensive network of local agents shows its commitment to customer service by providing a wide range of commercial and personal insurance options to customers.

The drivers can save money by using this Drive Safe & SaveTM program. This program is based on usage and monitors the behavior of drivers and rewards them for safe driving by offering discounts of up to 30.

In light of the shaky reputation of Florida roads, This program could assist drivers to adopt safe driving habits and earn insurance discounts.

State Farm is the largest auto insurance provider across the nation and is supported with an A++ Financial Strength rating by AM Best. However, the company has received mixed reviews from customers about its service. In the report by NAIC, State Farm accounts for 3.09 percent of all complaints to the market.

State Farm Company boasts more than 19,000 licensed insurance specialists who are available in all communities in the US and can offer advice to those seeking an expert’s perspective in negotiating their insurance policy.

Digital management options permit mobile access, including an app for mobile devices that is high-end where you can submit auto claims and reach out to your agent.

Benefits and drawbacks


  1. Agents from all over the world.
  2. Excellent financial strength


  1. It may not be available to high-risk drivers.
  2. Score higher than average for compliant indexes in accordance with an index score that is higher than average with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)


USAA is an excellent option for insurance on cars in Florida provided that you satisfy the requirements for membership. The insurance company for autos is known for its affordable rates as well as its excellent service and broad coverage options.

However, it’s only accessible to service members and families. If you’re eligible in the category of USAA auto insurance, then we would suggest seeking a quote for free.

With the best Bankrate score of the auto insurers Bankrate has analyzed, USAA easily makes our list of the top insurance firms for their nationwide accessibility and top-of-the-line customer service.

It is only available for current or former military personnel and eligible family members, USAA is a top performer on the J.D. Power survey on customer satisfaction. It has a strong financial standing as measured through AM Best, S&P and Moody’s and remains among the most affordable. The company is able to provide the lowest-cost automobile insurance quotes within the business.

The J.D. Power 2021 American Automobile Insurance SurveySM USAA was ranked the top of all providers in Florida However, it wasn’t officially ranked due to its eligibility criteria. Auto insurance companies don’t have many physically-based locations. This could be a problem for certain motorists.

As we have mentioned this state Florida is not well-known for its driving safety. Chances of getting into an auto accident are more likely in Florida as compared to other states.

This is why USAA’s accident forgiveness plan could be appealing to many drivers from this Sunshine State. If you’re free of accidents for five years the next accident at fault won’t result in any increase to your automobile insurance rate.

USAA receives the highest marks from every major rating agency, including the quality of its customer service and financial stability. With the lowest full premium for coverage on our list Customers have access to a variety of options for coverage such as rewards and discounts.

Includes unique situations such as deployments for active-duty members. Although not all drivers be covered by USAA The company is a top choice for the millions of military families across the country.

Benefits and drawbacks


  1. Excellent customer service ratings and financial strength ratings
  2. Low average rates
  3. Options for military-focused coverage


  1. Only open to active-duty military or veterans, as well as immediate family members.
  2. There are fewer specialty coverage options available than in other carriers

5. Progressive

Progressive is our top selection of the top car insurance firms in Florida. If you’re a high-risk driver – for example, someone who is younger than 25 or an older driver or someone who has an arrest for DUI or DWI on their driving record, there are insurance companies that can still provide you lower rates on car insurance. Huh.

With the fact that around 30% of the population of Florida is aged between the ages of 16 to 24 or older than 65, Progressive could be the most suitable option for a lot of Floridians.

Progressive’s easy rate tools as well as good customer service help to secure its place as one of the top car insurance options. Consumers U.S. Find savings options based on your individual budget and driving habits wherever within the U.S. With Progressive Policy, backed by an economically sound business that has received high-rated ratings from third-party insurance agencies.

According to the JD Power Study of Auto Insurance, Progressive scored just below the average regionally. Overall, the insurance company has mixed reviews of its customer service However, it provides great financial stability. AM Best gave Progressive an A+ financial rating.

Progressive provides a variety of additional insurance options for autos that include rental car reimbursement and rideshare coverage roadside assistance and parts coverage.

Drivers can also include the option of a lease or loan payoff often known as “gap coverage.” It protects any difference in the principal amount that you owe on the auto and the real value of your car in the case that you lose your car completely.

Benefits and drawbacks


  1. Strong digital tools
  2. Unique points-based rewards program
  3. Two programs that are based on the usage of a vehicle could allow you to tailor rates


  1. Rates that are higher than average
  2. The scores of satisfaction with the customer vary based on the region


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