8th trap found on Amazon site despite additional security

NAACP officials are denouncing what they call constant racism at an Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut, where the eighth trap is found

Another noose was found at the site in Windsor early Wednesday morning, the day of a scheduled meeting between workers and NAACP officials about safety and security, said Scott X. Esdale, president of the Connecticut NAACP organization.

“We have a serious problem in American and it has not gone away,” Esdale said. “It is condemnable. It is making sick. It is a sick mentality against which black people have to fight.”

Amazon closed the site over the weekend, saying it was taking additional security measures after receiving its seventh noose last week. Amazon spokesman Kelly Nantel said in a statement, the company closed the site again on Wednesday to allow the FBI to conduct an investigation after finding a new noose under some electrical material.

“Hate, racism or discrimination has no place in our society and is certainly not tolerated in any Amazon workplace.” “We will continue to work with all levels of law enforcement, as well as our development partners, to hold criminals accountable. And ensure all members of our community feel valued, respected and safe.”

A message was left for Windsor Police on Wednesday, which condemned the noose and called him a “potential” hate crime.

Windsor police are teaming up with the FBI and state police to identify those responsible for the noose, the first of which was found on the site last month. A reward of one million dollars is being given for providing information to identify the culprits.

Gov. Ned Lamont called Nose “the worst kind of racist provocation”.


Associated Press writer Pat Eaton-Robb contributed to this report.


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