A major side effect of drinking lemon water, says dietitian

want to be quick recovery? “Drink a glass of lemonade every morning!” Social media influencers, health trainers and nutrition fanatics have a say. while there are Benefits of this morning ritual, they may not be exactly what proponents of this habit claim.

“While social media claims that drink lemonade While increasing your metabolism, breaking down fat, and detoxifying your body, the medical literature doesn’t show as much enthusiasm about these benefits,” says Lauren Manekar, MS, RDN, of nutrition now counseling and members of Eat This, Not That! medical expert board.

Instead of reaping the purported benefits of better digestion and increased metabolism, this wellness tip has an unfortunate dark side. One of the major side effects of drinking lemon water can be heartburn and acid reflux.

“For some people, especially those who have acid refluxDrinking lemon water can worsen reflux symptoms. Eating or drinking anything acidic, whether it’s lemonade, tomato, or grapefruit wedges, can trigger reflux symptoms, which can be quite uncomfortable for some,” Manekar says.

Acid reflux occurs when acid from your stomach flows up into your esophagus, causing inflammation and irritation. About 20% of the population has gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as GERD, according to johns hopkins specialist. pH—a metric that measures the acidity level of lemon juice 2 and 3. is between, meaning it is acidic; Acidic foods are more likely to aggravate GERD symptoms while alkaline (high pH) foods, high-fiber foods and water-rich foods can soothe symptoms. (related: 28 Best and Worst Foods for Acid Reflux.)

The good news is that drinking lemon water doesn’t necessarily affect you in this way.

“If you don’t feel that burning effect, commit to drinking lemonade. help stay hydrated, especially if you like that sour taste better than drinking plain old water,” Mankar says.

“Ultimately, maintaining proper hydration helps support overall health, and if you love the taste of lemonade, and that makes you drink more, that’s a good thing,” she adds.

ground level? If your body doesn’t experience a negative reaction to drinking lemon water, then by all means have a glass while you wake up! Establishing a healthy ritual like this can set your day up for success—even if you don’t reap some of the benefits that we believe come with sipping on this citrusy drink. For more ways to start your day off, see The Best Supplements to Start Your Day, According to Science.

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