Amazon now says remote work is fine 2 days a week

Corporate and tech workers at Amazon won’t have to work full-time offices after coronavirus restrictions are lifted

The online retail giant said in a company blog post on Thursday that those employees can work remotely up to two days a week, the Seattle Times reported. In addition, employees can work remotely from a home location for up to four full weeks each year.

Amazon’s work policy update follows backlash from some employees, who they explained were expected to return to the office full-time once again.

Some tech companies had launched recruitment drives that seemed targeted at the dismay of Amazon workers at the end of remote work.

The company previously said that most Amazon employees would begin going back to offices as soon as local jurisdictions fully reopen — July 1 in Washington state — with most workers in offices by autumn.

Amazon has approximately 75,000 employees in the Greater Seattle area. The company’s new remote-work plan is similar to that of other big tech companies.

Google said last month that it expects about 60% of its employees to be in the office a few days a week, and 20% will work from home full time. Google also gave all employees the option to work full-time remotely for four weeks per year. Both Facebook and Microsoft have said that most employees can choose to stay away.

Amazon’s new policy could add to the challenges facing Seattle’s traditional business core. In pre-pandemic times, thousands of Amazon workers flocked to the South Lake Union neighborhood north of downtown every day. Most have not returned.

More than 450 downtown retailers, restaurants and other street-level business locations have closed permanently in the 16 months since the pandemic sent office workers home, according to a survey by the Downtown Seattle Association.

Of the roughly 175,000 people who worked in city offices before the pandemic, 80% continue to work remotely, according to association figures.


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