America ahead within victory to qualify for Olympic baseball

The United States went within victory to qualify for the Olympic Baseball Tournament, beating Canada 10–1 in a game that included a 30-minute delay in the eighth inning when a ball was initially called a two-run homer. Which was changed to RBI double.

West Palm Beach, Fla. – The United States went within a qualifying victory for the Olympic Baseball Tournament, beating Canada 10-1 on Friday night in a game that included a 30-minute delay in the eighth inning when a ball was initially called a A two-run homer was converted into an RBI double.

The Dominican Republic (1-1) plays West Palm Beach on Saturday before Canada (0-2).

Phillips prospect Luke Williams had a single homer and a two-run double, three times less than a circle.

Todd Frazier hit a two-run homer, taking an eighth of seven runs, and former Olympic speed skater Eddie Alvarez had an RBI triple.

In the Royals outfit, 23-year-old Drew Parrish, a right-hander, played two scoreless innings of two-hit relief to win.

Seattle prospect Eric Filia hit an RBI single in third, but Detroit prospect Jacob Robson took fourth over US starter Homer Bailey, who allowed four hits in 3 1/3 innings.

Williams built home a 2-1 lead in the fifth off loss to left-hander Chris Leroux, 37, whose last major league appearance was in 2014. Leroux allowed four runs – three earned – and three hit innings in 4 1/3.

Alvarez’s triple took the lead in sixth.

With the score 2–1 in the eighth and Logan Forsyth following the first leadoff walk, Red Sox prospect Tristan Casas hit a drive that hit Padding over the right-center field wall and bounced off a makeshift wall back and right. Fielder Jesse Hodges is allowed to retrieve the ball.

Initially ruled a home run by Puerto Rico second base umpire Rubén Ramos, the umpires conducted a video review and Venezuelan plate umpire Alvin Jiménez signaled for a double but allowed Forsythe to score.

Canada manager Ernie Whit filed a protest, deciding that it should have been a ground-rule double and forced Forsythe to stop in third. But because Hodges took the ball over the wall, the umpires appeared to have control of the ball, and they allowed Forsyth to score.

Whit caused a half-hour delay to review the video, discuss with the managers, and relieve Travis Seabrook.

Boston prospect Jaren Duran hit a two-run triple later in the innings that appeared to hit the padding above the left field wall, a video review upholding the call. Frazier followed with a home run in the left-field bullpen.

Jose Bautista and Juan Francisco scored two runs each and scored three each to beat the Dominican Republic 14-4 over Venezuela in Friday’s first game.

The tournament winner joins Japan, Israel, Mexico and South Korea in the Olympic Baseball Tournament, which will be played in Japan from July 28 to August 7 at Fukushima and Yokohama.

Second- and third-place teams will advance to the final qualifiers in Mexico in June, which will include Australia, the Netherlands and Taiwan.


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