American Airlines sees a big jump in travel over the 4th of July weekend

American Airlines says the Fourth of July holiday weekend was a hit, with nearly three times more people flying on the airline than last year’s holiday weekend.

DALLAS — American Airlines says it carried nearly three times more passengers over the July 4th weekend than last year’s holiday, the latest sign that travel — at least within the United States — rebounded from the 2020 pandemic continues. .

American said Wednesday that it carried about 2.7 million passengers on more than 26,000 American and American Eagle flights between last Thursday and Monday.

The airline didn’t compare with 2019, but the Transportation Security Administration screened 10.1 million passengers in the same five-day period, down 17% from the comparable period in 2019. Those figures are improving every month.

Most US travelers are taking domestic flights; International travel tends to be more deeply depressed. A global airline trade group on Wednesday urged governments to ease travel restrictions imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Willie Walsh, head of the International Air Transport Association, said the rules are confusing and discourage people from traveling, which his group insists can be done safely. He said the COVID-19 tests required for many countries are too expensive, and discouraged travel.

The group said worldwide air travel was down 63% in May compared to the same month in 2019. The group said domestic travel to China and Russia is higher than before the pandemic, but there has been a recovery of travel in Japan and India. This was reversed by the rise of new and more infectious forms of the virus.

American Airlines disclosed July 4 traffic in a note to employees. Chief Operating Officer David Seymour said that “after a challenging year, this weekend proved that people are ready to travel again.”

Tropical Storm Elsa’s inclement weather contributed to nearly 14,000 delayed flights in the US between Saturday and Monday, according to data from FlightAware. American, Southwest, United, JetBlue and regional affiliates all posted significant delay percentages. According to the tracking service, more than half the flights of budget airline Allegiant were delayed on Saturday.


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