Apple is said to have changed the data of Trump’s White House counselor in 2018

There are reasons to suspect that Mr. McGahn was the target of any Justice Department leak investigations resulting from that episode, however. Among other things, the information about Mr. Trump’s orders to remove Mr. Mueller does not seem like a classified national-security secret that could be a crime to disclose without authorization.

Yet another largely concurrent incident is the summons to Apple, which excluded Mr. McGahn’s information, by the Justice Department on February 6, 2018 for a leak investigation related to the unauthorized disclosure of information about Russia to Apple. Came soon after it was sent. The investigation, implicating data on members of Congressional staff, their families, and at least two members of Congress.

Among those whose data was secretly confiscated under a secret order, and who were recently notified, were two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee: Eric Swellwell and Adam B. Schiff, both Calif. Mr Schiff, Mr Trump’s staunch political opponent, is now chairman of the panel. The Times first reported on that summons last week.

Many questions about the events leading up to the politically sensitive subpoena remain unanswered, including how much authority he was authorized in the Trump Justice Department and whether investigators had speculated or expected to collect data on politically prominent lawmakers. I was going to sweep. The summons sought data on 109 email addresses and phone numbers.

In that case, the investigation into the leaks focused primarily on Michael Bahar, a staff member of the House Intelligence Committee. People close to Jeff Sessions and Rod J Rosenstein, the top two Justice Department officials at the time, have said that neither was aware that prosecutors had sought data about lawmakers’ accounts for that investigation.

It remains unclear whether the agents were following the theory that Mr Bahar himself had leaked or whether he suspected he was speaking to reporters with the approval of lawmakers. Either way, it appears that they were unable to prove their suspicion that he was the source of any unauthorized disclosures; The case has been closed and no charges were brought.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Mr. Barr, Mr. Sessions and Mr. Rosenstein on Sunday to testify about the subpoena before Congress. She said what the Justice Department did under Trump went even further than Richard Nixon, but declined to say whether the congressional committee would compel her testimony.

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