As expected, Delta is now the dominant virus variant in the US, the CDC estimates.

However, vaccination coverage is highly uneven in the United States and globally, and public health experts say the delta poses a serious threat to non-vaccinated populations. on Tuesday, President Biden Urging Americans to take their shots again, citing concerns about Delta.

“It works. It’s free. And it’s never been easier, and it’s never been more important,” he said. “Do it now — for yourself and the people you care about, your neighborhood.” For your country. It sounds ludicrous, but it is a matter of patriotism.”

Health experts say Biden administration May need to take more aggressive action To encourage vaccination, including urging employers and schools to adopt a vaccine mandate. As of Tuesday, providers were delivering about 0.87 million doses per day on average, a decrease of about 74 percent According to federal figures, from a peak of 3.38 million reported on April 13.

The country has been below average as far as the virus is concerned 15,000 new cases a day for nearly a month, the lowest level since testing became widely available and a fraction of what was reported in January, when the nation routinely identified more than 200,000 cases a day. In recent days, however, the average number of new cases nationally has started to trend slightly upward, driven largely by local outbreaks in places with low vaccination rates, including parts of Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada.

As the delta variant spreads around the world, the World Health Organization recently reiterated The longstanding guidance is that everyone, vaccinated or not, wear a mask as a precaution, but the CDC has not changed its advice that people who have been fully vaccinated can leave the mask In most situations. US health officials has been suggested that WHO’s blanket suggestion Its global scope was informed by, since many countries Much less access to vaccines than in the United States.

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