Biden seeks to strengthen options for workers with new order

President Joe Biden plans to sign an executive order that would reduce employers’ ability to block workers from moving to rival firms and remove some of the state’s business licensing requirements that make it difficult to find jobs.

The order also seeks to ban “unnecessary” business licensing that could harm the earning power of military spouses, skilled immigrants and former prisoners. Requirements can limit teachers or hairstylists’ ability to transfer across state lines, while some can also cost money. To confirm the skills they already have in for-profit schools. According to a 2018 FTC report, about 30% of US jobs require a license.

The effort builds on work the Obama administration began in 2015 to ease the burden on states from their licensing requirements.

The order would also toughen guidance for the FTC and the Justice Department to prevent employers from sharing wage and benefits data with each other to suppress workers’ incomes. The New York Times first reported all worker-focused elements of the order on Wednesday.

It was not clear when the order would be signed.


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