California Coronavirus Vaccine to Offer $ 116M in Prize Money

Vaccinated California residents will be eligible for $ 116.5 million in prize money

The state estimates that approximately 12 million Californians 12 and older have not been vaccinated. About 63% of the 34 million eligible people have received shots, although the pace has slowed significantly in recent weeks as infection rates have dropped to record levels.

California is not the first state to award a vaccine, although it has the largest funding, and therefore the most valuable single award: $ 1.5 million. The reopening of the state is scheduled for June 15, and a drawing will be made that day to award 10 vaccinated people for the top prize.

The other 30 people will win $ 50,000 each, starting on June 6. Any person 12 years and older who has received at least one shot will be eligible. And the next 2 million people who get vaccinated will receive $ 50 gift cards.

Ohio this week announced the first $1 million winner of its “Wax-a-Million” contest, as well as the first child to win a full college scholarship. Colorado and Oregon also offered prizes of $ 1 million.

New York State is offering 50 full scholarships to children from 12 to 17 in public universities and colleges, with 10 winners selected each of the next five Wednesdays.


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