China says that the politics behind America’s call to investigate the origin of the virus

China is accusing the Biden administration of doing politics and running away from its responsibility to re-examine the origins of the coronavirus epidemic found in China for the first time in late 2019.

Biden asked US intelligence officials to double their efforts to investigate the genesis of the pandemic, with traces of any possibility that it might be found in a Chinese laboratory.

After months of reducing that possibility as a fringe doctrine, the Biden administration is joining in on worldwide pressure on China to be more open about the outbreak, which aims to address Republican grievances, the president reportedly said Are not tough enough to put pressure on China.

Zhao also said that the US should open itself up for testing in its biological laboratories, including the Army’s Fort Detrick base.

Zhao said, “The US side claims that it wants China to participate in a comprehensive, transparent, evidence-based international investigation. We want the US side to do the same as China and cooperate immediately with the World Health Organization Want to say. ” On basic tracing research in a scientific way. “


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