Chloe Bailey Responds to Criticism of Her Sexy New ‘Have Mercy’ Video: ‘It’s My Body, and I’m So Proud of It’

chloe bailey Wish people would stop questioning what she does with her body.

23 year old lyricist recently addressed dispute Around his music video for his new song “Have Mercy”, which premiered last week. Bailey, who rose to fame at a young age thanks to Beyoncé, shows off the sexier side of Bailey, and in a recent Instagram Q&A session with fans, Bailey was asked: “Why are you showing so much skin?”

Chloe Bailey performs at the 2021 MTV VMAs for her first solo performance of her hit new single “Have Mercy” (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)

“Because I can. It’s my body, and I’m very proud of it, and I hope you’re proud of your body too,” she replied.

sat down with Bailey on Friday mtv To talk about the criticism she’s received for people who have problems with her new video, which shows her wearing a more flashy outfit, including a pink number that made it hard to miss her butt cheeks .

“Men can glorify a** in their videos, I want to do it in a really artistic, fun, beautiful way,” she explained. “And I think it’s great how women can claim ownership of their bodies and not let the world do it. We do it the way we want to, and it was really fun! Shooting me It was really great back days, and I look back, and I’m like, ‘He’s not the same person,’ but it was fun in that moment.”

Bailey, who has previously performed with her sister Halle Bailey as part of the duo Chloe x Halle, made her solo debut in 2021 on Sunday. mtv video music awards His new solo performance garnered rave reviews from celebrities and fans alike.

Simone Biles tweeted, “I want to be Chloe Bailey when I grow up.”

City Girl rapper Yung Miami praised, “You ate Chloe Bailey shit.”

This is the first time Chloe has had to address critics who have problems owning up to her sexuality. In February, he faced backlash for his social media posts. In an emotional Instagram Live, he got teary-eyed As she admitted she was hurt by the criticism.

“It’s really hard for me to think clearly of myself as a sexual being or an attractive person,” she said. “So, when I see all the uproar about my posts and content, I get a little confused. Like, I don’t really understand because I’ve never seen myself in that way or that light. So I take it is a huge compliment that you all see me as a sensual, sexy creature. I don’t post what I do to get attention. I don’t need it.”

She added an important message to other women in society where they feel ashamed of themselves: “To every woman, don’t change who you are to make society feel comfortable.”

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