Coffee Mayhem! Fear not, Walmart came to the rescue with same-day delivery of my go-to brew

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Coffee 911! (Photo: Getty Images)

Wake up Tap. Brew. Put it Sip. smile. This is my karma.

Coffee is sacred in our house. The grounds rest in a pretty glass canister on the counter (so I’ll know when we’re short) and a reserved bag awaits in the cabinet. We don’t dare to run out.

Except once…

Last week, I went to make a pot and there was no land to be found. The precautionary measures had failed me. Maybe an expectant has slipped. I’m not sure what the coffee equivalent of “hangry” is – caffeamine? Scofi? grumpy? — but trust me when I say that I don’t wear that sentiment well.

A coffee run wasn’t possible (I don’t want to take my first-grader to the store until he’s waxed), so I turned to the computer for same-day delivery Walmart+. luckily i’m still enjoying 30-Day Walmart+ Trial. (When it ends, I can continue the service for $13 per month or $98 per year.)

The annual fee is on par with Amazon Prime, but an added benefit here is delicious products and perishable products that are much less expensive than what Prime offers.

Within hours, I had my high-octane coffee, ice cream and a few other items delivered to my doorstep.

Check out some Java related delights I found Walmart+.

Dear Coffee, I have learned my lesson.  I'll never forget you again.  yours.  (Photo: Walmart)

Dear Coffee, I have learned my lesson. I’ll never forget you again. Yours really, me (Photo: Walmart)

my go-to juice is Starbucks House Blend. (The ubiquitous chain is popular for a reason.) This strong 100 percent Arabica is the coffee company’s signature blend—what you get when you order a Tall Coffee at the cafe.

While in theory I prefer to brew my own coffee, in practice the less equipment I handle in the morning the better. (I once, half asleep, came embarrassingly close to pouring coffee beans into the soap dispenser of the dishwasher.)

On a cent-per-ounce basis, this 12-ounce bag a better deal than 28-ounce, so I picked up two of the former.

Sweeten the deal  (Photo: Walmart)

Sweeten the deal (Photo: Walmart)

My husband trembles at the sight of my straight Black Morning Joe. He likes his light ‘n’ sweets, but he doesn’t want to burden the sugar. After testing every sugar substitute on the market, he’s settled on the no-calorie natural sweetener stevia.

the truvia, a non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher sugar substitute, is made using stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and natural flavors. This 17-ounce refill bag is a good deal; My husband puts it in a jar and pours it into his coffee. Go easy, though, because a little goes a long way: 3/4 teaspoon equals 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Your very own little campsite cafe.  (Photo: Walmart)

Your very own little campsite cafe. (Photo: Walmart)

On a recent camping-light outing, my amateur status was on full-view when I whipped out my big glass French press. Hey, that’s all I had, and I wasn’t going to go without coffee. With the help of a separate vessel, I brought it to work. But the pouring was muddy, and it’s not wise to pack fragile items.

Next time, I’ll lift this lighter stainless steel french press, which will boil and drink our coffee in five minutes. It also works for soups and such!

The pieces are all dishwasher-safe too, so it can get a good cleaning when you get back home. And the lifetime warranty, which Stanley offers on all of its products, is always a huge plus!

Don't you wish your coffee was as hot as mine?  (Photo: Walmart)

Don’t you wish your coffee was as hot as mine? (Photo: Walmart)

you can think i caught it 14-ounce stainless steel coffee mug Considering the camp. Sure, I’ll use it for that. However, its main purpose is to keep my crazy cat out of my mug at home. He is obsessed with coffee.

Another key benefit: The double-wall, vacuum-insulated design keeps my coffee piping hot. Cold drinks remain cold here too. It won’t sweat, and it’s BPA free.

Pairs well with coffee.  (Photo: Walmart)

Pairs well with coffee. (Photo: Walmart)

have you ever dreamed cafe scene three colors: blue In which Juliette Binoche drizzles hot coffee over her ice cream? Mmm. so simple. Very good.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla ice cream tastes delicious with coffee. It’s a treat that you can feel good about, too. Made with five simple ingredients, it contains no GMOs, no rBST and is gluten-free.

Are you ready to smile?  (Photo: Walmart)

Are you ready to smile? (Photo: Walmart)

Now that we’re slowly reappearing our smiles (thanks, vaccinations!), we’d like to see how coffee and tea consumption has affected our teeth. There are worse for my wear, but they are quite sensitive.

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste Keeps teeth bright and safe and freshens breath. It also promises to protect the nerves, reducing sensitivity over time. I’ll take any help I can get!

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