Dan Levy on learning to take a break: ‘Towards last season, I really had to stop and say, ‘Okay’

Dan Levy shares his approach to self-care. (Photo: Getty; Designed by Quinn Lammers)

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guarding the closing ceremony of shits creek, To host, receive a plethora of awards for his work as an actor, writer, executive producer and co-producer on the beloved show saturday night live, it’s been a whirlwind year Dan Levy. Now, the Canadian star is ready for a reset and a return to pre-pandemic comfort, like traveling and killing her favorite local prey.

Retail therapy, in fact, plays a big part in Levi’s latest project, a campaign in support of fellow comedy great Rashida Jones. Citi’s New Custom Cash Card, which offers 5 percent cash back on purchases in a buyer’s top spending category. For Levi, it could be the restaurant, though the actor is also partial to a spa day or a bookstore in pursuit of self-care.

Here, he shares how he’s learned to step back and enjoy more free time when work gets overwhelming, and why a piece of advice from his mom is important for overcoming stressful situations.

What does self-care mean to you, and do you have any rituals that you practice?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned when it comes to self-care is being able to really know yourself and know when you’re pushing yourself too far, and know that you have to. When is a break needed? And to know that a break, whether it’s a walk around the block or a day off, can actually benefit you in a way that [pushing] to do something through it or to feel like you want to impress people [doesn’t]. It’s actually sometimes more important for you to be the best version of yourself than to know when to stop and reset so you can get back on the job, or on occasion, or get into a relationship with a clear mind. and renewed enthusiasm.

So for me, it’s always about asking myself, am I okay? And if I don’t feel well, why am I not well? What can I do to help myself? And it has taken a long time to reach that position, because I am such a person, if you put a challenge before me, I am going to do everything I can to accomplish the task at hand. In a special way shits creek – It really took its toll. Towards last season, I really had to stop and say, Okay. Whether it’s going for a massage and stopping by or reading a book at night, instead of working until 2 a.m., there are a few small things that can help ease some of the pressure and anxiety. But it has taken a long time to get to that place, to know myself well enough to know when too much is too much.

Are you a big believer in retail therapy? And what’s the last thing you spent money on that made you happy?

I’ve always believed in spending your money wisely, and that may be retail therapy, but it can also be, I think, now more than ever, supporting organizations and companies and restaurants and small businesses. Do what can use your money. So for me, if it’s going to be retail therapy, it’s more about potentially shopping at a store that really needs business, like independently owned clothing, rather than going online and buying something. shop or bookstore. Or if I’m going to have takeout or order from a restaurant—which I’ve done to help ease my cooking struggles—it’s about going that extra mile and saying, What are some restaurants near me that I can walk out of that could actually benefit from the money?

The things I am spending money on are giving me happiness, but I think the greatest happiness has been in making sure that the money I am spending is being spent responsibly and it Going to companies that can actually benefit from it. And then my buy, or my order, is going to go a long way for people at a time when there’s a lot of volatility in terms of people being open, simply because our whole lifestyle has changed. Lately it’s probably just been a lot of food. There’s A Little Local Place Around The Corner By My Name dear hello, From which I am getting salad everyday, and around the corner there is a flower shop called bloom and plum Which really inspired the floral arrangement. So it was good to go out. It’s been nice to be able to support people and spend some money, but it’s also important to really consider where my money is going.

Levi and Rashida Jones are teaming up for a new Citi Custom Cash campaign.  (Photo: Elizabeth Caron)

Levi and Rashida Jones are teaming up for a new Citi Custom Cash campaign. (Photo: Elizabeth Caron)

Do you have any motto or advice that you refer to on a regular basis, especially when you’re having a bad day or need to center yourself?

My mom’s advice was always to try to adopt it when a situation gets a little unsettling or when there’s some tension in the air. It’s always a question of choice, What is my part in this? What is the part of me that is making me feel anxious? If you’re having some tension with a friend or family member or co-worker, it’s always looking at yourself first, just ask yourself this question, because I often think that’s when things get heated. Or when we become anxious or stressed, we tend to blame or react to people, not necessarily wholly considerate.

So to ask yourself the question “What is my role in whatever problem I have in my life?” It could easily be something like, If you haven’t solved it, you can respond like this: The one who wasn’t totally smart or didn’t fully respect the situation at all. So instead of potentially turning a blind eye to something that you were involved in and putting [the blame] on someone else. It really helps me to ask that question, and more often than not, I’m able to understand my role a little deeper about why I’m feeling a certain way or why a certain situation got to that point. is where it is. And also, in doing so, it’s the best I can solve.

What are you looking forward to the most as life starts returning to normal?

I hope to travel again eventually; This is something that has always given me tremendous pleasure. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s happening in terms of vaccines and with people to respect each other when it comes to doing what you can to help stop this pandemic. When it comes to travel, we will reach the point where we can travel. It has been one of the biggest investments of my time and my money in the past and has served me extremely well, both creatively and spiritually, and has provided an incredible amount of inspiration. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and paying a lot of attention to the news to find out when and how I can travel extensively again – not just a road trip.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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