Demi Moore, 58, poses with 3 daughters for new swimsuit campaign

Demi Moore stars in the new swimsuit campaign with her three daughters. (Getty Images)

Posing in swimwear is a family affair for them semi-swamp and his three daughters – roomer, scout and Tallulah Willis – As the ladies announced their latest joint campaign with some sexy snaps.

The 58-year-old actress took her instagram To share some pictures of herself and her daughters wearing one-piece bathing suits to celebrate their work with swimwear brand Andy. Moore captioned her post, “It was only fitting that I got to share this moment with the people I love the most.”

Rumer followed up with her mother’s post where she wrote, “The ladies of the Moore Willis clan are coming to warm you up.” Among Moore’s daughters, who are between the ages of 32 and 27, matriarchy is properly mixed.

“I didn’t know you had 3 sisters,” commented one person, while another wrote, “the world needs more Moore Willis.”

And though many others called the women “beautiful,” Scout shared her post about what she finds sexiest in a woman.

“Truly, nothing is sexier to me than a woman who feels powerfully embodied and utterly comfortable in her own skin,” she wrote on one of her three posts. In another, she called the photographer “the in-between moments, the true intimacy of our family!” Congratulations on capturing it.

This is not the first time that a woman has used her platform to speak about body positivity or pose in a bikini. But looking at the beautiful pictures, sharing moments with family can be her favourite.

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