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if you Vaccination, you can feel impenetrable COVID-19. But not only are you not completely safe, as breakthrough infections are possible, but the new Delta version threatens to prolong the pandemic — and possibly harm the people you love, or the innocent, without. Vaccinated children. Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the president and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared on CNN To sound the alarm in front of Don Lemon last night. Read on for 5 essential, life-saving advice—and don’t miss them—to ensure your health and the health of others Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and Might Not Even Know It.

Sick woman lying on bed looking at thermometer suffering from seasonal flu and infectious disease

Dr. Fauci said that it is possible to become infected after vaccination and to spread the infection to your children. “It is possible that you will see people who are infected, in general, have breakthrough infections despite the fact that they have been vaccinated. When you have a successful infection with a vaccinated person, in the nasopharynx The level of the virus is lower than what you have. An asymptomatic infection in someone who hasn’t been vaccinated. We haven’t yet formally proven how likely it is to transmit it to someone else, including children. There’s a drawback. And that’s one reason why you have to be careful when you’re working with something like the ‘delta version. You want to make sure you get vaccinated. If your kids aren’t old enough to get vaccinated. “When they are in the community, they should wear a mask if they are too young to be vaccinated.”

Sick girl lying on bed with thermometer in mouth and touching her forehead

Sick girl lying on bed with thermometer in mouth and touching her forehead

Lemon asked, “Do people need to reconsider the dangers of this virus for children now because this delta version is here and children under 12 have no protection because they can’t be vaccinated yet.” is.” “Don, you hit it straight on the head,” Dr. Fauci said. “That’s what we need to be concerned about. We’re seeing more and more young people getting infected and even getting quite sick. Still, statistics tell you whether it’s an elderly person or someone with an underlying condition.” There’s a very high chance for someone with the disease to become seriously ill. But this virus infects young people. Clearly when you look at the infection rate in young people in a virus that we have before Delta So it seems that it is quite high. One of the reasons for this is what we know as a fact, not as conjecture, but as a fact that this virus spreads more from person to person. spreads efficiently and it causes even more severe disease. So we are seeing more young people, not only getting infected, but becoming seriously ill.”

respiratory disease.  sad happy family using paper tissue while sneezing

respiratory disease. sad happy family using paper tissue while sneezing

“It’s possible,” said Dr. Fauci. “We don’t know that…. I believe what we’re going to see is that vaccinated people who get a successful infection, that is, they become infected, but they don’t have any symptoms. That the level of the virus in their nasopharynx will be so low that it is unlikely they will pass it on to someone else. But we haven’t proven it yet. So I can’t say for sure.”

woman wearing protective mask

woman wearing protective mask

Lemon asked about removing the mask from schools and camps. “You have to be careful because it depends on where you are,” Fauci said. “It goes with what we were saying earlier. If you’re in an area where the viral mobility is really high, you have to be careful about pulling back the mask. You have to be really careful. If you’re in an area Where many people are vaccinated and virus levels are very low, you may be more resilient in not having children wear masks.”

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An ambulance on an emergency call driving through Fairhope's town center

An ambulance on an emergency call driving through Fairhope’s town center

Lemon noted “in states like Alabama, Arkansas, my home state of Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, that they have less than 35% of the population fully vaccinated.” Dense outbreaks have been predicted in these states. Fauci acknowledged that this is a problem. “It’s something that we are very concerned about, when you have such a low level of vaccination on a variant that has a high level of efficiency of dissemination,” he said. “What you’re going to see in low-vaccination areas, whether they’re states, cities or counties, you’re going to see these different kinds of blips. It’s almost like it’s going to be two Americas. You’re going to have areas where vaccine rates are high, where over 70% of the population has at least one dose, when you compare that with areas where you can have 35% of people vaccinated, So you obviously have a higher risk of seeing these spikes. Those selected areas. What’s so frustrating about it—is that it’s completely avoidable, completely preventable. If you get vaccinated planted, you are dramatically reduced.” So get vaccinated when it’s available to you, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t go on any of these 35 places you’re most likely to catch COVID.

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