Dwayne Johnson finds ‘my peace and balance’ while fishing

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson enjoyed a fishing trip over the weekend, calling the excursion his “peace and balance.” (Photo: Axel/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson It was a nice Saturday.

NS Jungle Cruise The star, 49, got out on the water this weekend to enjoy a fishing trip at her home in Virginia.

Smiling for the camera, the actor posted a video for his followers showing him climbing the water in search of the 12-pound bass.

“Happy Saturday to you guys. I’ll have to keep my voice low,” he said quietly in an attempt to avoid disturbing the fish, still looking at the train horn loudly. “I’m coming here in this cove. I’m up here in my throat of the woods. God’s land. On the water.”

Mentioning that he has a “trolling motor on, silent mode,” Johnson shared that he was hoping to go “stealth-mode” to catch bass swimming down the cove.

“There’s a 12-pound bass under that overhang,” Johnson shared. “I think it’s time. I’m going to catch it. He has a great old belly too, beautiful. If he didn’t catch it, I’d say I did and tell you guys about it. Enjoy yours.” Saturday.”

As he explained in the video, Johnson later claimed that he had managed to catch the big fish.

“He fought a helluva fight but eventually surrendered to big daddy,” he captioned Video. At least that’s my story and I stick to it.”

Earlier on Saturday, Johnson posted a cool Photo On the water in search of your next catch, stick in hand.

“My peace and balance,” he wroteWith many fishing emoji. “Dude it was needed.”

Clearly, Johnson knows what he’s doing. On Sunday, he caught another video of himself and the 6-pound fish before kissing the fish and announcing, “Say goodbye! I take care of my kids. Go and have kids.”

After showing the fish’s “beautiful color” and belly, he put it back in the water.

“Beautiful colors on this 6-pounder!” He captioned the video, which showed him wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt, shorts and leggings. “When we fish, keep in mind that when they fight they build up lactic acid and their stress hormones go up – like ‘fight or flight,’ so I put them back gently and give them oxygen back. Moved to get. Their lungs because it’s a blow to their system. I’ve been raising a variety of fish on my farm for over a decade and love all my kids.”

Johnson often shares about his passion for fishing on his Instagram page, taking followers with him to the places he visits like casitas lake in California and rocky mountain to go fishing. But it is his home ground in Virginia where he really likes to hit the water in search of bass. Back in July, he shared how he prefers to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to live with the fish at his Virginia farm, Yahoo Life previously reported.

“Life is busy and noisy, so I like to go back to my Virginia farm – good for the soul,” he wrote alongside a video that showed him taking a fishing hook out of the mouth of a bass that he was caught. “Raising fish and creating a healthy ecosystem for them makes me happy. Largemouth bass, striped bass (hybrid) and many others – they are big, aggressive and hungry, just like their owner.”

Johnson often praises fishing as a way to stay calm.

“It’s been great to spend the past weekend at my farm decompressing, taking a mental inventory and of course spending time with my kids,” the actor said. wrote on Instagram in June. “All my fish are fat, healthy, happy and aggressive to eat, just like their owner. I [fell] When I was a little boy I loved fishing, this kind of quiet time away from the noise is everything to me. Thankful. And a small reminder to all of you guys about the importance of ‘self-care’.

Johnson isn’t the only big name who enjoys getting outside to decompress the water. Carrie Underwood, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Rachel Meadow, Lindsey Vonn and Harrison Ford talk about their love of fishing and its benefits on your mental health, Yahoo Life previously reported.

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