Elizabeth Banks recalls shooting an agent who told her to get a boob job: ‘I’m not going to have surgery’

Elizabeth Banks Being asked to upgrade your assets to succeed in Hollywood.

This week, actress and director Jason Bateman appeared on Will Arnett and Sean Hayes’ podcast smartless Where he discussed about the early days of his career. walk of shame The star revealed how an agent she met in Los Angeles gave her some very unsolicited advice about her body.

“I’ve never been able to fill out that bikini top,” she shared. “One of my first big films was wet hot american heat, and [director] David Wayne was like, ‘Would you wear this bikini? And the first agent I ever met in LA, because I had an agent in New York, when I went to LA and I interviewed this agent, said to me, ‘Have you ever thought about getting a boob job?'”

Elizabeth Banks in the 2001 film Wet Hot American Summer. (Photo: Focus Features)

Banks said she had walked out of the conversation after saying that she had already appeared in a bikini at the camp comedy, telling the agent, “I think if I’m going to show these little kids right after D. -It would be weird if I pop the cup. Here.”

However, it was clear that the agent’s comment, which she confirmed was still working in Hollywood, was welcome.

“I was just thinking, I’m not going to have surgery, and I don’t know why we’re talking about it in a professional setting,” Banks continued.

Charlie’s Angels Helmer isn’t the only star who’s been asked to take a stab at boosting her career prospects. Lea Michele had previously opened Today How, as a Teenager, Agents Told Her he should get a nose job To improve his chances in the entertainment industry.

“I think people should be able to make their own choices,” Mitchell wrote in an essay for the outlet. “If there’s something that someone wants to do, great; it’s your body and it’s your choice. But no one was going to make that choice for me. And I didn’t want to do that.”

Banks didn’t go under the knife at the agent’s request, either — and frankly, No Taking his advice didn’t hurt his career in the slightest.

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