End of an era: American will drop its in-flight magazine

The longest-running in-flight magazine on a major airline nears its last flight

Fort Worth, Texas — After more than half a century in airplane seatback pockets, American Airlines in-flight magazine American Way is going away.

A spokeswoman for the airline said Friday that American would shut down the magazine and its online version at the end of June.

The pandemic hastened the demise of in-flight magazines, as airlines pulled them last year to prevent people from thumbing through pages that had been touched by other passengers. Delta and Southwest dropped theirs, and British Airways stopped stocking paper copies of “High Life” while keeping versions online.

But the days of in-flight magazine were numbered anyway, as travelers began spending more time browsing other information and entertainment on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

American said it would provide other in-flight programming to give customers “more of what they want” while reducing paper waste and unnecessary weight on planes.


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