Facebook is broken and spamming celebrity commentary far and wide

Facebook is presently passing a crazy bug that’s stuffing stoner feeds with endless posts from celebrity accounts. Multiple Verge staffers who tried to use the social media network this morning endured the same issue, where their main News Feed is swamped with minor posts transferred to runners for artists like Lady Gaga, Nirvana, and The Beatles.
Druggies have been quick to take advantage of the bug and are now transferring memes to celebrities that they know will be participated far and wide. One extensively participated image I ’m seeing on my own feed features a picture of a lemon sandwich with the caption, “ If you see this share it to another celebrities Facebook runner keep the lemon sandwich moving. ” It seems everyone that follows that celebrity will also see the image in their feed.

Other druggies are taking advantage of the situation by spamming PayPal donation links or promoting cryptocurrency systems.
Although it does n’t appear to be an outage in the traditional sense, druggies have taken to Downdetector to report the problems starting at just before 200AM ET. A status dashboard for Meta is reporting no issues as of this jotting. A representative from Meta didn’t incontinently respond to The Verge’s request for comment.

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