Facebook says Trump’s ban will last at least 2 years

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook said Friday that Donald J. Trump’s suspension from service will last at least two years, clarifying a timeline on the company-imposed ban. In January.

The company said Mr Trump would be eligible for reinstatement in January 2023, when he will see experts to decide “whether the risk to public safety has diminished,” Facebook said. Company barred former president from service after comments made by him capital riots.

Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs at Facebook, “Given the gravity of the circumstances leading to Mr Trump’s suspension,” Wrote in a company blog post“We believe that their actions constitute a serious breach of our regulations, which deserves the highest penalty available under the new enforcement protocol.”

If reinstated, Mr Trump would be subject to a set of “rapidly escalating sanctions” if he committed further breaches, up to the permanent suspension of his account.

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