Facebook’s Portal is a video-call game-changer—and it’s on sale for over 40 percent off

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This is no ordinary video-calling device. It’s more like teleporting than anything you’ve experienced so far. (Photo: Portal from Facebook/Getty)

As the past year has made abundantly clear, there is no substitute for being in the same room with someone you love. We all spent a lot of time on phones and laptops, zooming ourselves in as close as technology would allow. And even though we’re slowly gathering in person again, we’re not letting go of video chat. They’re a huge step up from a typical old phone call, and a great way to stay away from friends and family.

So it’s time to take them seriously and get the right tools for the right job. portal from facebook, which you must have heard about, is a next level experience that we have all been used to during quarantine. Facebook uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring digital interactions to life in a whole new way. You really feel like your friends and family are in the room with you.

Think “Beam me up, Scotty.” It’s really like coming up with your floats. And the Facebook Portal is incredibly easy to use – it looks like your everyday 10-inch tablet. Better still, it’s on sale right now for an amazing price – $99 (down from $179)!

Facebook Portal It has Alexa built-in, and works through the messaging apps you’re already familiar with — Messenger and WhatsApp. It requires barely any time to learn; It is the technology itself that will blow your mind.

Until now, AR has been used primarily for entertainment purposes—let’s say, within virtual reality glasses that trick your eyes and ears into thinking you’re in a circus or on a spaceship. but portal by facebook Applies technology to socialize. It essentially invites loved ones into your home, using a smart camera to keep you in the frame as you walk around. It also widens the scope to include others when they enter the room.

The smart camera stays on top of you when you change positions.  (Photo: Portal from Facebook)

The smart camera stays on top of you when you change positions. (Photo: Portal from Facebook)

Imagine being able to bake cookies remotely with your grandchildren. putting one’s own door Device on the kitchen counter with a good view of the room, you can behave as if the children were with you. The smart camera sees you as you move around, fetch ingredients, turn on the oven, grease pans, and more. And if the dog enters the room looking for the crumbs, portal from facebook The action catches so the kids can say hello to the puppy. If you need to disappear for a second, that’s all good: just disable the camera and microphone with the touch of a button.

Prefer the big view? still on sale Facebook to Portal TV (marked down from $149 to $99), a smart camera that connects to your TV and makes the action larger-than-life.

Facebook's Portal TV hooks up to your media console or hooks up directly to your flatscreen TV.  (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

Facebook’s Portal TV hooks up to your media console or snaps directly to your flatscreen TV. (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

And no, the receiving ones don’t even need to use door to interact with you; You connect by simply calling them via Messenger or WhatsApp.

portal from facebook Also syncs easily with your smart-home system. So even when you are not using it to spend time with your loved ones, you can take advantage of it. Stream music, listen to news, get traffic and weather updates and more. Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, CNN and Food Network are some of its partner apps. You can also use it to control other smart-home devices, like the front door security camera and your Amazon Echo Dot.

And if you want something smaller or bigger than 10-inches portal from facebook, there is 8-inch Portal Mini ($129) and 15.6-inch Portal+ ($279).

This 15.6-inch baby is the biggest portal screen ever.  (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

The 15.6-inch Portal+ is the largest screen in the Portal family. (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

In addition to smart cameras, portal from facebook There’s smart sound, so no washing machine noise or vacuum in the background will drown out your or their voice. Wide angle means you can watch the kids reenact their dance recitals or challenge each other to a wrestling match – portal from facebook Shows action like nothing else.

The Mini can set up shop almost anywhere—on a side table, on the kitchen counter, your nightstand... (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

The Mini can set up shop almost anywhere – on a side table, on the kitchen counter, your nightstand… (Photo: Portal TV from Facebook)

portal from facebook Comes with all kinds of great features. We especially like Story Time, an interactive tool that lets you add AR effects and masks while reading bedtime stories to someone remotely. There will be giggles.

Mostly, we’re crazy about the fact that Facebook’s portal lets you video-chat while you live your life (as in, you don’t have to lock yourself in a seat and lean on a screen). You can catch up while you do laundry or cook dinner, because the person you’re talking to is practically in the room with you.

portal from facebook Whether you’re crafting together, practicing yoga together, or just chatting, online socializing makes the experience so much better. It really is the next best thing to being there. Grab the device now during the sale. You won’t believe the difference.

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