Famous Kyoto-Based Coffee Shop Debuts in This American City

Kyoto, Japan fans—you’re not ready for this. famous % Arabica The coffee shop officially opened its doors today in Dumbo, Brooklyn, making it the first location in the US to debut

Established in 2013 by Kenneth Shoji in Hong Kong, the flagship store opened its doors in Kyoto the following year. Since then its popularity has grown rapidly. described by eater As “Japan’s cult-favorite hit coffee shop”, %Arabica is known for its specialty coffee, sleek interior, and famously long lines outside of 87 locations between 17 countries.

Now, those living in or visiting Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood have the opportunity to sip on the many roasts the Japanese specialty coffee brand has to offer. % Arabic Dumbo Roastery is located at 20 Old Fulton Street.

% Arabica

% Known for both blended and single-origin coffees like Arabica Blend and Ethiopia Guji Wolichu Wachu Beans, all beans are roasted on site. They are also obtained exclusively from small farms. Kyoto-based coffee shop will offer espresso, Chemex Brew Coffee, specialty signature drinks as well as pastries both sweet and savory from renowned Soho bakery, Balthazar.

Located just steps from the East River waterfront, the Brooklyn shop will feature some of the same, remarkable features found inside %Arabica locations around the world. It includes a clean, white aesthetic, with a bright white neon sign and counter seating.



Brooklyn Coffee Shop will be home to Probate Roasters, a customized Slayer espresso machine, and Tornado King roster too. That way, customers don’t have to wait long to get their cup of java. Other drinks include a matcha lattes, Spanish Latte, Lemonade Still, and Affogato, just to name a few.

For interested Brooklyn or Manhattan residents, or those just passing through, %Arabica Dumbo Roastery is now open daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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