Fans rally to save this beloved Colorado restaurant from disappearing

An iconic Mexican restaurant in Casa Bonita, Colorado, whose legacy spans nearly half a century, filed for bankruptcy in April After being closed since the start of the pandemic. But the restaurant is now getting financial help from an unexpected source: its staunch fans.

The Denver restaurant was best known for its magical interiors, which hosted music and acrobatics, turning it into a destination for diners from all over the region. According to 9newsSome of these fans have now started Save Casa Bonita, LLC, which is working on paying off some of the restaurant’s debt. The group is helping pay entertainers and small sellers who were left without money owed them after the business went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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“When he was threatened with eviction by the landlord, he filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy. It protects him from all of his creditors, but when we looked at the list of creditors, we saw whether a lot of smaller organizations “We felt bad for it,” said Andrew Novick, spokesman for The Save Casa Bonita.

Among the vendors the group is helping a mariachi band, a food distributor and a watchman supply company. Save Casa Bonita, LLC is now a creditor in the bankruptcy case. they raise money Proprietary Casa Bonita by selling merchandise, holding rallies and a . for their cause by taking donations through gofundme page. His next program is on June 14.

While the restaurant remains closed and no reopening date has yet been announced by the owners, the group plans to continue its mission to save the restaurant from disappearing.

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