German watchdog banned Facebook from processing WhatsApp data

A German privacy regulator on Tuesday banned Facebook from collecting data on WhatsApp users, citing an update to its privacy policy that violated stricter European data protection rules by allowing users of chat apps access to too much information Does.

Hamburg’s data security commissioner said it took action because WhatsApp users were being asked to agree to the new terms by 15 May, which would hand over expanded powers to share data with Facebook.

The regulator said that WhatsApp users face “non-transparent circumstances for far-reaching data transfers”. It was also mentioned that users cannot freely consent to the changes as WhatsApp demands that they accept to continue using the service.

WhatsApp denied the update stating that it is involved with any extension of data sharing with Facebook, indicating that it only deals with messages between businesses and customers.

“This order is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose and effect of the update to WhatsApp and therefore has no valid basis,” WhatsApp said in a statement, adding that the Hamburg regulator’s claims were incorrect, prompting the rollout of the update Will not affect.

WhatsApp initially tried to introduce the update at the beginning of the year, but was shut down after a wave of confusion and misinformation among users, many of whom flocked to rival chat apps such as Signal and Telegram.


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