Got Pets? Free yourself from fur with this cult-fave Dyson Vac—$170 off, today only: ‘You can literally see the difference’

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Save $170 on this crowd-favorite vacuum, today only! (Photo: Best Buy)

As much as we love our pets, we certainly don’t love all their shedding and wandering. If you’re looking for a foolproof way to finally get rid of clumps of fur and that ever-present smell, Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Origin Vacuum Could seriously help—and better yet, it’s on sale. Today, the top-rated vacuum is just $230, or $170 off, at Best Buy. That’s almost 45 percent off and the lowest price ever!

as part of Best Buy’s “Deal of the Day.” You have until tonight to catch an incredible Vac for an incredible price.

raw power

Say goodbye to all that extra pet hair.  (Photo: Best Buy)

Say goodbye to all that extra pet hair. (Photo: Best Buy)

usually costs $400, Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Origin Vacuum Can change your entire cleaning experience – especially if you are a pet owner. It’s a powerful upright vacuum cleaner that stands up to stubborn pet hair and nasty allergens and dust, thanks to its sophisticated filtration system, tangle-fee turbine, and clean bin with one-push eject. Simply drop the trap door of the bin over the trash can, so that its contents air out.

Plus, this vacuum cleaner can glide easily over hardwood floors and carpets—plus the sharp, hairpin turns with ease. That’s because Dyson’s ‘ball’ design allows the vac to move and swivel around tight corners, nooks and crannies and all.

“…the best vacuum if you have pets, the powerful suction leaves nothing behind! Would highly recommend,” said one happy five-star reviewer.

Multifaceted talent

More than just an upright vacuum!  (Photo: Best Buy)

More than just an upright vacuum! (Photo: Best Buy)

dyson ball origin Not just for floor cleaning. It comes with an assortment of attachments that can help clean almost every surface in your home. For example: You can swish the handheld wand up to dust off curtains and ceiling fans, plus this vacuum’s multi-angle and soft dusting brush can reach behind sofas, on top of cabinets, at the top of stairs (pictured above) and more.

“Never looked so good an empty room!” Shared to a satisfied Best Buy shopper. “You can really see the difference.”

Today at $170 off, this Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Origin Vacuum It’s a mighty beast that’ll do small things for cleaning your home, while its suction is one of the best – especially if you own a pet or just like to have clean floors.

“I love my new vacuum cleaner,” added another happy five-star reviewer. “… the suction power from the hose is phenomenal! I have a really cute dog and two parrots and this vacuum cleaner gets a lot of hair and birdseed out of the carpet every time I use it. It’s really fun to watch thats what comes out of the canister when i empty it… i haven’t flushed it since i bought it. nothing comes out when i empty the sand from my entryway.. .Oh, and the swivel head is great for coming down on the couch and kitchen cupboards.”

so what are you waiting for? hold it dyson vacuum Before it sells out or skyrockets back at full price.

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