Gray Malin on life with twins: ‘0 to 2 children is a big adjustment’

Gray Malin on raising twins. (Photo: Getty; Design by Quinn Lemmers)

You are welcome So mini ways, Yahoo Life parenting Series on children’s happiness and challenges.

“my husband And I always wanted children to be born the day we met Gray malinThe photographer who transformed his colorful print into a full-fledged lifestyle brand, covering everything from wallpapers to pajamas. His latest offering, the just released Coffee Table Book Gray Malin: The Essential Collection, Is a retrospective marking on the 10th anniversary of Malin’s work.

Around his house, this is two, not 10, this is the most important number. In December 2018, Malin and husband Jeff Richardson welcomed the twins, daughter Dove and son Max, through a gestational surrogate. Now 2 years old, blonde totes often appear on Malin’s personal Instagram feed, often mini fashion games featuring playful prints created by “Daddy Gray”.

Here, Malin opens up about having twins and they keep their work young at heart.

Your twins are now children. what’s that like?

This is wild! Having two children at the same age is fun, entertaining, and some days it is definitely a challenge. I can’t believe how quickly they are growing. It was incredible to see that they were developing all their milestones, from crawling to walking, talking and now they have their own distinct personalities.

How would you describe your parenting style?

My parenting style is constantly evolving. I really like to assess the situation and see what is best for my children at this time and for their development.

What is the biggest challenge and biggest reward of having twins?

The biggest challenge is that there are two of them! Especially being a first-time parent, moving from zero to two children is a huge adjustment, but I am so grateful that my husband and I make a great parent team. It is very beneficial to watch them soak up everything around them and even teach each other. They have a special bond that only twins can truly understand.

Photographer is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his brand with Gray Malin: The Essential Collection.  (Photo: courtesy of Gray Malin)

Photographer is celebrating his brand’s 10th anniversary with Gray Malin: The Essential Collection. (Photo: courtesy of Gray Malin)

How joyful is your work. What is your family happiness right now?

Our family loves being outside. Our children like to go to the park, swim in the pool or play in the sand on the beach.

Being a parent has inspired your workThe

Being a parent has really impacted my business in terms of offering a product more than anything. Naturally, as a father I am more interested in products focusing on children than I was before and it has been fun to involve me in my business. For example, I have launched a baby photo album and prop card set, I have made a collaboration with the beloved brand Bugaboo and I have now released two children’s books … I would love to release more children’s books. Construction be our guest And Opposite of one world Such was the joy and they were so good between the parents and the children.

Are there any children’s books or parenting resources you would recommend for LGBTQ parents?

My best resources were from my support system and the community that I belong to. For any parent, regardless of your situation, it is important to set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with people in your life who will be there for you when you need them most.

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