Hong Kong will not make vaccine mandatory for foreign domestic workers

Hong Kong authorities have abandoned a plan to make it mandatory to vaccinate foreign domestic workers against coronoviruses, after the move criticized that it was discriminatory

Hong Kong authorities initially proposed a mandate that a foreign domestic worker test positive for the coronavirus version in April, with an undisclosed source of infection. Another worker coming from the Philippines also tested positive for a variant.

Those findings prompted the city to order domestic workers to test for the virus in late April.

Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Lokocene Jr. had previously reprimanded the Hong Kong government for compulsory vaccination plans for foreign domestic workers, saying it “smelled of discrimination.”

On Tuesday, Lam also announced a second round of mandatory tests for domestic workers as a precaution, which will begin from Saturday and run until the end of May.

He urged employers to allow workers to take the exam on one workday instead of their day off.

Hong Kong has so far reported 11,812 infections of coronovirus, with 210 deaths.

Indonesia has reported more than 1.7 million people infected and 47,000 deaths, while the Philippines has confirmed 1.1 million infections and 18,500 deaths from COVID-19.


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