Hunter McGrady caught COVID-19 during her pregnancy: ‘I’m trying to find those silver linings’

Hunter McGrady opened up about catching COVID-19 during her pregnancy, which led to another complication. (Photo: Instagram)

Hunter McGrady She spoke candidly about her health scares during pregnancy.

In a recent episode of her podcast ideal citizen That the 28-year-old model hosts with her sister Michaela McGrady, she revealed shocking details about a scary moment during her pregnancy.

“When I was seven months pregnant, which nobody knows, I had COVID,” she said.

Hunter McGrady explained that he believed he contracted the virus while on the job, even though he tried to be as careful as possible, “I had to shoot one. I was outside shooting, and when I was shooting when I took my mask off. It was only a four-person set and they were too far away, and I caught COVID and I gave it to my husband.”

After passing out, she said her symptoms were very mild, but she experienced a common complication that turned out to be the cause of other issues.

“When we had COVID and we lost our sense of smell, we didn’t know there was a plumbing leak in our basement where, basically, like poop water was coming from,” McGrady recalled. did. “It was backed up in the street and we had to flatten all the floors below.”

according to a Study Published in April, pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19 were more likely to experience complications such as premature birth as well as babies with serious illness or dying before or after birth. The study also found that pregnant women who had the virus were 76 percent more likely to develop preeclampsia and three times more likely to have a serious infection.

After recovering from COVID-19, McGrady was then diagnosed with preeclampsia, which meant labor would be induced before the due date of delivery. The bad news didn’t stop there – her younger brother Tynan had died. However, the model is hoping to focus on what’s most important: her baby.

“I’m trying to find those silver linings,” she admitted. “Of course, with my brother’s passing, I’m not getting that silver lining. Maybe one day I will, but currently I just can’t find it. But that’s it… it’s not about me anymore It is also the same that is within me.”

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