Indian Bieber has no 6-hitter against Tigers

Cleveland’s Shane Bieber has not taken a hit in six innings against the Detroit Tigers

Detroit – Shane Bieber of Cleveland has not hit any in six innings against the Detroit Tigers.

The Indian team is ahead 4–0 in the match played on Thursday. Bieber is trying to pitch the seventh no-hitter in the major leagues this season, which would be the most tie since 1900 and one shy of the mark set in 1884. It would be Cleveland’s first when Lane Barker threw a perfect game on May. 15, 1961.

The Indians have the longest current no-hitter drought in the majors, although Cleveland has been on the other end of two of them this season – by Carlos Rodone of the Chicago White Sox and Wade Miley of the Cincinnati Reds.

AL Cy Young Award winner, Bieber has nine strikeouts and three walks through six innings. He is on 83 pitches. Since pitching a career-high 121 runs against the Chicago Cubs on May 11, the Indians have been monitoring his pitch count.

The 25-year-old Bieber has so far inspired eight groundouts and one flyout.


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