It’s a RoboVac! It’s a mop! It’s up to $152 off on Amazon, today only

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These Roborock Vacs are on Mega Sale. (Photo: Amazon)

Why Vacuum (or Mop) Your Floor When a Robot Likes It roborockk e4 And ROborosiK S6 Can it do it for you? These hybrid robot cleaners and more Up to 40 percent off on Amazon.

Think about the amount of time and money you’ll save with one (or more) of these beauties in your home. Let them do all the work while you just sit back, relax and “supervise”.

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buy them roborock deal:

We're allowed to you for being a neglectful owner: This vacuum lasts 200 minutes without a recharge.  (Photo: Amazon)

We’re allowed to you for being a neglectful owner: This vacuum lasts 200 minutes without a recharge. (Photo: Amazon)

Cleaning Need Upgrade? You have come to the right place. Roborock’s e4 There is a $152 discount. It moves spaces quickly and uses intelligent navigation, and a Z-shaped path to clean your floors quickly and efficiently. It has 2000PA of powerful suction and an automatic carpet “boost” to suck up dust and hair, no matter the surface.

This vac also has a lot of power: It can clean for up to 200 minutes without a recharge. Its large dustbin also keeps it handy for as long as you need it. This robovac is controlled by app And Voice control, so you can stop and start cleaning, set schedules, and more with the touch of a button or by saying a few words.

“It cleans everywhere, even under the couch,” A five-star reviewer wrote. “I was impressed when I opened the lid and saw how much it lifted. It’s the best bang for your buck!”

$228 $300 on amazon

It goes blank!  It wipes!  Now if it would just pick up all those wrong socks... (Photo: Amazon)

It goes blank! It wipes! Now if it was just picking up all those wrong socks… (Photo: Amazon)

On sale on Amazon for $460, or $140 off, Roborock S6 Can tackle both hardwood floors and carpets. The best part? Unlike many other tools that just suck up dirt and grime, this one can also clean up messes. Consider it the jack-of-all-trades of floor cleaning!

This smart home vacuum cleaner and mop uses a navigation system to map the landscape of your home’s floors, so it doesn’t hit walls, scratch furniture or tumble down stairs. With a battery life of up to 180 minutes on a single charge, this RoboVac can clean your floors and then switch to wiping them at a moment’s notice, plus it can be controlled and scheduled via a smartphone app. can also be done.

“If you’re debating whether or not to get a robot vacuum or which one to get… don’t worry! My only regret is not buying it sooner,” A fan wrote. “I have two dogs, a cat and a parrot. One of the dogs is long-haired and sheds in tufts of hair. We literally have to vacuum everyday before guests arrive… Roborock does an awesome Cleaning the job behind them so we didn’t have to… it just mapped the floor without stopping… and didn’t need my help at all.”

It’s also compatible with Alexa for voice control and hands-free navigation.

$460 $600 on amazon

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