Joan Collins slams Kardashian: ‘There’s a lot of surgery out there’

TV veteran Joan Collins talks about Kardashian and former co-star Linda Evans in a new interview. (Photo: Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Marcel Remus)

joan collins Not holding back.

NS dynasty The 88-year-old legend has no problem sharing his opinion on the copious amount of plastic surgery in Hollywood. In a new interview ahead of his new memoir, my unpublished diary, Collins discusses just about everyone from the Kardashian family to former co-star Linda Evans.

Collins admitted that she often gossips about the wider plastic Surgery in Hollywood.

“We all talk about it. Have you ever been to the hairdresser? For example, the Kardashians,” Collins recounted daily mail. “Kris Jenner, his mother, is a good friend of mine and I don’t want to be harsh about his kids, but he’s had a lot of surgeries and I’ve talked to my friends about it, because I’m sure you have, From below, there’s a small waist.”

Collins also talked about his ex dynasty co-star Evans, with whom she has had a bad relationship over the years.

“Do you wanna ignore someone when they come over with tape on their eyelid?” When asked about his book’s reference to Evans’ appearance, he replied. “Every one of the other actors was saying, ‘What do you think he did?

Collins doesn’t hold back when it comes to looks.

“Am I the only one who thinks there’s an obesity crisis? Those lips guys have done, I think they look weird. I’m sorry,” she continued. “And if people want to hang around like this I’m going to laugh at it.”

Collins also had a lot to say about Sophia Loren’s teeth, which, she said, “look like they’ve been carved out of ivory.”

“She’s still alive. But it’s not like we’re great friends and she’s never going to talk to me again,” Collins said. “And it’s true!”

Still, the British star isn’t worried about falling under the “cancellation culture”.

“The thing is, you can’t say anything without canceling these days,” she said. “What am I allowed to say?”

Collins is no stranger to sharing his opinion. Back in 2019, she said that people who wear jeans and T-shirts are “sad”.

“I really hope people spend more money on clothes, because no one wears clothes anymore,” Collins said. the trend, yahoo life previously reported. “If you do, people stare at you, or make rude comments… well, maybe not Cutting, but they’ll say something like, ‘Oh, look at yourself! You are all ready.’ I find it very sad, because it will be the end of buying elegant clothes in women’s stores. Everyone’s going to end up in jeans and T-shirts, which I think is sad. “

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