Judge won’t dismiss case against Florida virus whistleblower

A Florida judge has refused to dismiss a criminal case against a former state employee who suggested he was asked to manipulate COVID-19 data

Judge Francis Allman in Tallahassee rejected a motion to dismiss the criminal case against Rebekah Jones. The Leon County judge did not elaborate on his reasons in the one-page order.

Jones helped build the state’s online presentation of its COVID-19 data until it was fired. She drew national attention last year when she suggested that health department managers wanted her to manipulate information to paint a rosy picture of Florida’s coronavirus situation, and she pushed back.

He has got the status of whistleblower from the office of Inspector General of the department.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, earlier this year, he was charged with one count of crimes against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic equipment when someone illegally committed a state emergency- Alert messaging system, known as Radiope, was used.

FDLE investigators said Jones illegally accessed the system and sent a message to about 1,750 people, and downloaded the confidential data and saved it to his devices. Jones has denied sending the message.


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