Kate Hudson says she is burning calories in the bedroom. Sex expert says it’s ‘not the greatest workout.’

Kate Hudson says she is tracking her exercise in the bedroom. (Photo: Instagram)

kate hudson There was an uproar on Instagram on Wednesday after she shared that she was changing into a new look Exercise After finding out that WW (formerly Weight Watchers) updated its fitness tracker to include sex as a calorie-burning activity.

“Got some really interesting news that I’m really excited about right now. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my bedroom for good, I’ll say hour-twenty, if he can handle it,” Hudson said. Video. “It would equal me having sex for one to twenty hours…six fitpoints. See you in two hours.”

The actress was referring to the point system used by WW to track calorie input and output, especially when it comes to the latest addition fitpoint, whose brand claims it’s a personalized, accurate and efficient way of tracking all physical activity – “from running and resistance training to an ‘activity in disguise’, such as gardening or cleaning your house.”

Now, that also includes intercourse.

“We’ve always encouraged our members to seek out the movement, and this one is no different,” says Gail Tifford, chief brand officer at WW, in a statement to Yahoo Life. “It’s important to move forward in ways that move you, and we want to recognize and reward all activities as part of that.”

According to holly richmond, a certified sex therapist based in New York, however, if quality exercise is what you’re looking for, sex may not be the way to get it.

“Yeah, sex is going on. Is it the heart? It depends on what kind of sex you’re having,” she tells Yahoo Life. “What we do know is the average time for sex, especially if we’re talking about heterosexual sex in vaginal sex, is literally five to seven minutes of penetration where people are actually exerting themselves. For me, I’d say it’s not the greatest workout.”

Richmond further noted that the amount of effort exerted by men and women can be different, adding to the sex discrepancies in the form of exercise. As far as Hudson’s quest for nearly two hours of sex, Richmond says, “It’s epic sex. He’s an Olympic athlete of sex. People don’t have sex for two hours.”

Despite the possibility that many people will be getting a significant amount of activity from their orgasm, Richmond assures that sex has other benefits as well.

“Sex is good for you. It’s a calorie burn, it’s a mood booster. If you’re having an orgasm, [it can be an] Reduces anxiety, improves sleep, improves immune function,” she notes. “So there are a lot of good reasons to have sex and if we want to add burned calories to that list, I would go for it.” I’m ready.”

And when it comes to the conversation of sex in the realm of health and wellness, Richmond is thrilled for the opportunity to demystify intimacy and pleasure more.

“The more we’re talking about sex, the more positive we can be, the less taboo it is. I think overall it’s fantastic and I totally support sex as a form of exercise.” I do,” she says. “Just bringing sex education into the picture and when we have it with a fitness app like this, it normalizes that conversation.”

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