Last hurray ‘: 2020 college grades finally get ceremonies

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – After being selected as the opening speaker for fellow 2020 graduates at Oterbin University, Katie Axline considered her speech to be a focus on perspective. By the end of this month she arrived to give it to him, by which time she already had something.

“We don’t have to tell you about all the incredible things we are going to do or the ways in which we will grow during our careers, because we have already started that process,”, his own study of optometry Another university, refreshed from the first year, said that during a socially perverted ceremony at the small Ohio school. “This past year has been filled with uncertainties and situations that I dreamed of writing in a speech for the spring of 2020.”

Like Oterbin, scores from campuses around the US are giving last year’s graduates a chance to experience the experience of the person they missed at the time when the epidemic missed life. Some are inviting them to join the festivities for the class of 2021. Others are launching separate spring or special events for them later this year.

“We definitely wanted to honor that there was just one heck of a senior year in 2020, and we wanted to try to accept it in a positive way,” said Sarah Fatherly, an academic at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina Provost and Vice President for Affairs. , Whose ceremony was held at a baseball stadium in early May.

Class President Juan Diego Majura Arius was disappointed not to see Queens’ traditional pomp and circumstance last spring. But he did not try to show that, he said, because his immigrant parents were so excited to see his Colombian-born son, now a legal resident seeking US citizenship, the first in his family to graduate college. has been made.

“This person’s graduation means the whole world to him,” said Majua Arius, a political science scholar and working in Washington. “They, in a way, see all their hard work being paid by me.”

The possibility of what would have been a transformative moment for planners at Owens Community College in Ohio also stretched, which decided that 2020 graduates could attend their May ceremony. Hunter Augustinec of Toledo is eager to conclude that festival after an anti-climatic finale, with virtual classes and an internship that was torn apart due to the epidemic.

Augustinek, who studied the technology of the music business, said, “Coming from someone who has actually dropped out of high school, never intends to go to college, the first generation of students who are surrounded by college dropouts, this Really means a lot to me. “

Some young adults have already made changes for jobs or other endeavors or are not interested in a function right now. But it is clear that this is a significant number that it finds funny and meaningful, said 2020 class president of the University of Idaho, Jacob Lockhart.

“I still think there’s a sense of fulfillment that a lot of people were longing for,” Lockhart said.

Skylar Smith, from Los Angeles, is traveling all the way from California to Washington DC to attend Howard University’s debut for the 2020 graves. Smith, now training for a job in medical device sales, said this is the “last hurray to get” from school friends and her swimming team.

The University of Missouri performed several ceremonies for its 2020 alumni, honoring a few hundred at a time in its field. Texas A&M brought the 2020 grade back to its football stadium for a celebration.

Many of the schools that host graduation are limiting or excluding guests, staying outside, requiring masks and social distance, and skipping handshakes or stage crossings altogether. This year too many campuses are starting to get traditional, instead of virtual or alternative ceremonies due to concerns from coronoviruses.

Sacramento State’s “Carcements”, 2020 and 2021 degree recipients will get to decorate their vehicles and drive to campus with guests, pleased by faculty and staff at designated locations along the route. Many other schools did drive-in graduation or staggered solo opportunities for graduates to walk on a stage and take their picture.

Still others are promising in-person acknowledgment opportunities this summer, shortening this fall during homecoming, or further down the line. The University of Michigan invited the graduates of 2020 and 2021 to return for the start of their future, promising that they will be recognized not only for their academic achievements, but also for “their resilience and perseverance during these challenging times fate.”

Abigail Barrett of Swanton, Ohio, is grateful that she does not need to wait for any year to earn her associate’s degree. 17-year-old Barrett took classes at Owens Community College through a program that allowed teens to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Despite the epidemic delays, she said she would still enjoy her Owens debut before receiving her high school diploma in May.

“Definitely assume I’m smiling big under that mask,” she said.


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