Lee Mitchell shared a strong message while trying on in a postpartum bikini: ‘feeling so grateful for this body’

Lee Mitchell has a strong message for new mothers.

On Wednesday, the 34-year-old actress took to her Instagram stories to share pictures of herself on the swimsuit less than a year after she and husband Zandy Reich welcomed their son, Evert, in August. In a photo, she is seen wearing a bikini.

“I am feeling very grateful to this body for the strength to produce a child at this time!” He captioned the photo.

“Feeling so grateful for this body …,” Michelle wrote on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram Stories)

This is not the first time Glee Alum has revealed about her postpartum body. Two months after her son was born, she shared a photo of him going on a hike.

“Postpartum after 9 weeks- My body is taking some time to move! Feeling great!” Michelle wrote.

Fans resorted to comments to show their love and support.

“you look amazing!” One fan wrote, adding to the other, “Go You Lee !!! I’m so proud of you!” Others shouted, “You look amazing!” And, “so amazingly gorgeous.”

Michelle is not the only famous mother celebrating her postpartum body. Over the past several years, many high-profile stars have been using social media to normalize the positivity of a child’s body in a society that has promoted “bounce back” for so long. In March, Brie Bella shared a photo of herself showing her belly on Instagram and captioned the image, opening up about the physical changes she has seen since giving birth via C-section last year.

“The more weight you lose, the more visible my treasure trail from Buddy,” she wrote. “Buddy has gone through my belly button quite a lot, I think the old wives’ stories were right about how boys grow! LOW !! After my second C section I was really going to get my belly back in my butt.” Kicking! And a very bad stomach that is normal after having children. I always tell myself to be kind and thankful but I am human so I have to tear myself apart … instead of tearing myself, you Build Yourself. You can see me in the pool in one of my pieces but I am showing you all that my treasure traces are something special. They remind me of a special relationship that has been taking me for 9 months. Got to share with the lovely kids. “

In 2018, actress Tia Mowry was transparent about the pressure of trying to bounce back after giving birth. After having her second child, Cairo, Mavri kept it real as to what her body looked like weeks after birth.

“7 weeks # postpartum. Some # pregnant women don’t have abs after 7 weeks after giving birth. While others may take a little longer. I, I’m the latter … I’ve seen many women in magazines Was seen at the beach a few weeks in #PostPartum to Peace. Frankly, I had to take time to embrace my new body. With this second pregnancy, I have now accepted the fact that I kept a human Is. A miracle. A life. If I take a little time to get back to my normal self, so be it. This. I. And I love me, “she wrote.

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