Look for schools, camps, even beaches to vaccinate young teenagers, states and cities

Nurse practitioner Patsy Stinchfield, who oversees vaccination for Minnesota of children, has strong evidence that some cases may be serious in young people. More recently, not only have more children with Kovid been admitted to the hospital, but its intensive care unit also has Kovid patients aged 13, 15, 16 and 17.

He said the FDA’s new authorization meant that all of them would be eligible for patient shots. “If you can prevent your child from ending up in the ICU with a safe vaccine, why don’t you?” he said.

East Hartford, Conn., Superintendent, Mr. Quesnell said that the most powerful message to reach older teens would probably appeal just as much to young people. Instead of focusing on the fact that the shot will protect them, he said, they capture the idea that if they are exposed it will protect them from quarantine.

“They fear Kovid not from the dangers of health care but the social harm that comes with it,” he said, adding that 60 percent of the seniors in his district, or about 300 students, received their first dose of mass vaccination. Site operated by Community Health Center on 26 April. “Some of our biggest benefit right now is that the social component – ‘You will not be quarantined.'”

But while Mr. Quesnell district has hundreds of senior high school seniors Boarding the bus caravan Recently at a mass vaccination site, where he received Kovid shots as dance music as a DJ, Mr. Quesnell said younger students would be offered shots during weekend clinics at their schools, with parents attending their will accompany.

Michael Jackson of North Port, Fla. Cannot wait to get his 14-year-old son, Devin, vaccinated. During the past year, he said, his son’s beloved Little League games went on hiatus and the family had to postpone their regular Sunday meals with grandparents. And Devin, an eighth grade student, had to quarantine three times after coming in contact with Kovid.

Other parents have challenged Mr. Jackson about his plan to get Devin vaccinated. “They say to me, ‘How can you put this in your body?” He said, “And in the meantime they are eating a Big Mac and drinking a can of soda?”

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