Louisiana Gator swaps swamp life for Texas Beach Giveaway

A young crocodile locating the Louisiana Bayes-traded swamp scum for a sandy Padre Island beach in South Texas

Padre Island National Beach, Texas – A young crocodile locating the Louisiana Bayes Traded Swamp Scum for a sandy Padre Island beach in South Texas.

In an unusual spin from “Jaws”, Gator appeared on Malaquit Beach on Monday, about 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) southeast of Corpus Christi, Padre Island National Beach officials said in a Facebook post.

The National Park Service Rangers found it and examined its tail marks and tags on its hind legs to determine that it came from Louisiana.

How it arrived in South Texas remains a mystery, but its spring break ended abruptly as the Rangers took it to a rehabilitation center to recover from their journey.

While crocodiles can tolerate saltwater for a few hours or days, they are primarily freshwater reptiles living in marshy areas, rivers, rivers, lakes and ponds, according to a National Marine and Atmospheric Administration website.


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