McDonald’s most iconic item is likely to be more expensive, operators say

Prices are at mcdonalds Steadily growing over the years, But due to the labor shortage currently being experienced in the fast-food industry, we can expect the trend to continue this year. Popular items such as the Big Mac will likely get even more expensive because operators need to increase hourly wages and benefits to attract and retain employees.

The National Owners Association (NOA), an independent group of McDonald’s operators, Sent a letter to its members Last week with the recommendation to “do whatever it takes” to keep your restaurant — even if it means increasing menu prices as a result.

The letter stated, “Price increases are visible everywhere and will continue as employers will pass along these additional costs.” “We’ll do the same. A Big Mac will become more expensive.”

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Shortage of fast-food workers across the country remains a hindrance to the recovery of major national chains. For example, Denny’s staff is lacking Stop most restaurants By going back to the 24-hour operation window for the diner brand – a primary source of revenue. And things are slowing down at the drive-through, too. A viral video from April shows a Sign posted McDonald’s locations in Texas are asking customers to be patient, as fewer employees and drive-through windows are causing longer service hours.

The NOA letter states that in an effort to retract employees, individual McDonald’s operators are offering incentives such as sign-on bonuses and paid job interviews, but clearly, these tactics are not working. The blame is placed on unemployment benefits, which allow minimum wage workers to make more money by staying at home than if they were doing a demanding job as a McDonald’s server.

McDonald’s employees say the chain has increased hourly wages for workers who are the foundation of the company’s success. The fight for the $ 15 association, formed by those fighting for the $ 15 minimum wage, plans to put additional pressure on the company ahead of its shareholder meeting this month Walkout staging From their McDonald’s jobs in 15 major cities across the country.

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