McDonald’s Surprising Menu From Five Decades Ago Will Surprise You

Today’s menu On McDonald’s Restaurants can become so chaotic that initially unfamiliar with the options can overwhelm a customer. nine are different Burgermilf five different chicken sandwich, McNuggets, McMuffins, McFlurrys, and many other items. But five decades ago, in the early 1970s, McDonald’s menus were surprisingly wacky.

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In fact, according to A picture of a menu board from 1973, which was recently discovered and shared widely on social media, had only seven food items on the menu at the time. That’s not counting the ice cream, milkshakes, and beverages.

The vintage menu featured the basics: Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Cheeseburger and Hamburger, French Fries, Hot Apple Pie, and the brand new Quarter Pounder. Customers can also order soda, plain milk, coffee and hot chocolate, along with some frozen dessert options. And that was enough.

You will also notice that at that time all items cost less than a dollar.

The McDonald’s menu in the early ’70s is believed to have been stronger than what the restaurant was offering at the time first opened in 1940. At the time, there were only three foods for sale—cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and fries—with a popular dessert, milkshakes, and some beverage options.

The McDonald’s menu first began to grow with new options in the ’70s. In 1972, the chain began offering breakfast items, according to Time. It was breakfast on menus at all locations many years ago, but by 2015 breakfast was not only one of the most popular features of McDonald’s menus, it was also sold out throughout the day.

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