Megan Fox says she is ‘very impressed’ by Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘crazy’ style

Actress Megan Fox, 35, says she is “very impressed” by the wacky style of her boyfriend, musician Machine Gun Kelly, 31. (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

When it comes to style inspiration, Megan Fox Boyfriend gets everything he needs machine gun Kelly.

Fox, 35, who met Kelly during the shooting of the film midnight in switchgrass In March 2020, Said Kelly’s wacky fashion sense had a significant impact on her.

“I’m so impressed with what I pull out of my closet,” Fox told New York Post, adding that Kelly “always wears something crazy.”

One has to wonder if Kelly’s influence played out in Fox’s recent Instagram photo, in which the stunning actress was dressed in a black lingerie-inspired dress under an ankle-length black coat and paired with thigh-high black boots. Was.

“Guys today I had a business meeting,” Fox captioned Photo, in which she was shown walking down a city street in a risky outfit. “I made sure to wear something subtle and professional.”

Last month, Fox showed off a similarly unique outfit while going out for groceries. Wearing a neon green bodysuit with a cutout that shows off her torso, Fox teamed up with one-piece jeans with a pebble pattern and a matching jacket, Yahoo Life previously reported.

“That’s how I go to Irevan now. Let’s talk about it,” she captioned Instagram Post, referring to the popular upscale health food store.

But it seems that Kelly’s influence on Fox extends far beyond the clothes she wears. In the same interview, Fox said that the way Kelly heals her nails also plays a role in that.

“We went on a trip to Palm Springs when we were first dating, and he brought me home and was like, ‘Let’s get the matching manicure,'” Fox said. “Then it’s stuck ever since.”

Her similar nail styles were showcased at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where Kelly sported pink detailing on her nails that matched Fox’s hot pink satin jumpsuit. While that moment didn’t go as planned (“We just wanted to go together, in a way… then people decided we were reconciling,” Fox said. “It wasn’t necessarily a planned one. Thing was… that’s how it flowed”) The two eventually decided that tying their outfits together worked for them.

“I’ve never seen two older adults match their outfits like this,” Fox said. “Maybe it’s something you think about [in] High school or middle school too. There’s a fun element to it that maybe people have been missing. You know, we’re not too serious.”

One area where Kelly doesn’t skimp is skin care. Fox shared that while most people assume she couldn’t care less, Kelly is actually a star when it comes to taking care of her skin.

Fox said, “When we first started dating, you would think that he rolls out of bed like he slept in a pile of cigarettes and goes to work just like that.” However, it turns out that Kelly has a “crazy skincare game” for “thousands of dollars’ worth” of products.

“He really puts a ton of effort into that facial,” she explained, adding that she’s “really” into skin care. One useful beauty tip she shared with her boyfriend? “Don’t do illegal substances, stuff like that.”

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