Mmm, what to say? The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson dishes on her new favorite finds

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For most of us, it’s impossible to imagine Oc Without Summer Roberts. If the character had been written after only a few episodes, how different would the series have been? Have we still gotten over Trey’s iconic “Mmm Whatcha Se” shoots? Did George Lucas Still Want to Adapt nuclear county? And what would have happened to the Pancake Rabbit?!?

Thankfully, Rachel Bilson’s star-making performance turned her first multi-episode arc into her first lead role, when series creator Josh Schwartz considered Bilson’s warmth, and her chemistry with Adam Brody’s Seth Cohen on the show. was critical to success. . That decision earned Bilson four Teen Choice Awards. Oc, another for his role in the 2008 low-rated science-fiction thriller jumper, a leading role on The CW’s hart of dixie, and a social media in a million.

Nowadays, Bilson is finding ways to keep busy during the times when she’s not on camera, from making delicious treats to waxing nostalgic on a new podcast looking back on the classic teen drama that started it all. Here are some of her favorite finds:

An eco-friendly alternative to guilt-free freezer treats. (Photo: Amazon)

Rachel Bilson made headlines for leading a movement to protect the kids of celebrities from the aggressive gaze of the paparazzi, so it’s no surprise that this devoted mom’s first choice is a fun activity for her and her daughter. Will be

“My daughter and I enjoy reusing them and making different popsicles,” says Bilson. Ecozoi Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold. Designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, this set offers steel molds, bamboo sticks, silicone rings, and even recycled packaging to offer a zero waste product. Ecozoi’s blog offers recipes for everything from sorbets to yogurt pops. This is a really simple way to add a little fun to your day.

Buy it: Ecozoi Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds, $35, Amazon.Com

Welcome to the O.C. Bitch Podcast

Re-live every awkward moment from the classic series (Photo: Spotify)

Relive every angry moment from the classic series. (Photo: Spotify)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since the charmingly troubled Ryan Atwood first hooked up with the Cohens. Now, many Chrismucka later, Rachel Bilson has re-teamed with former co-star Melinda Clark to take a look back at every episode of the show, which dominated every Study Hall conversation from 2003 to 2007.

“We’re having so much fun doing it, we’re catching everyone from the show,” Bilson says of his new podcast. “It’s so much fun, super entertaining, and I get to do it from home.” Taking its title from the often-quoted line bully Luke Ryan after a beach party brawl, the show offers new insights into historical teen drama, and instantly transports the listener to those hazy days of his millennial youth. And lest you think you’re grown up now Oc, remember what Summer once said: “Growing up, we all have 15 years in our hearts.”

Wherever you find your podcast, find it

When you need to get away from it all in your own home (Photo: Amazon)

When you need to get away from it in your own home. (Photo: Amazon)

Anyone who has listened to a few podcasts can tell you that proper audio quality is clutch. Especially now, with the prevalence of home recording, it is important to be able to tune in to home sounds. No one wants to hear conversations that are constantly interrupted by alarm clocks and the phone ringing. So when Bilson launched his own show, he knew he needed some high-quality noise cancellation.

“You can literally cancel out any noise,” she says. Tribit Xfree Go Bluetooth Headphones. “They’re super, super comfortable, so they’ve been great.” These Bluetooth headphones feature an ergonomic design to fit any head, and can deliver up to 24 hours of high-quality sound on just two hours of charge. So whether you’re starting your own podcast or just want to chill out to some cool tunes like, let’s say, “California” by Phantom Planet, these are the headphones for you.

Buy it: Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth Headphones, $30, Amazon.Com

Add a little color to your morning coffee (Photo: Amazon)

Add a little color to your morning coffee. (Photo: Amazon)

“I look forward to drinking my coffee, every morning,” Bilson says of her cherished morning brew. “I set it the night before. It’s my favorite thing.” But since we all know that even the best coffee can be ruined by a bad cup, Bilson immediately noted, “I’m so excited to have it in this mug.”

So if you really want to savor your sip, set Styrofoam or cardboard aside, and settle with a classic ceramic mug. This particular model offers a unique glaze, large handle and 18 oz. It has the ability to make sure you have enough coffee to power you up even on the most hazy days. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, morning java or evening calming tea, this is the ideal mug – hands down.

Tastes like milk, you'd think oats have udders (Photo: Instacart)

It tastes like milk, you would think oats used to have udders. (Photo: Instacart)

From the leap, consistency has been a key factor in Rachel Bilson’s new to cue picks, as well as her broader personal interests. A passion for the environment and ethical, eco-friendly consumption is something she clearly shares with Summer Roberts. So it’s no surprise that Bilson would be its spokesperson. planet oats, the new vegetarian-friendly dairy alternative.

As an avid coffee fan, Bilson has embraced the oat milk movement, providing a tasty alternative to dairy with a production method that eliminates far fewer environmental resources. he has to go Planet Oat Coffee Creamer, which she says “…makes [her coffee] too sweet. I love sugar in my coffee, so it’s the perfect pairing.” So if you’re health-conscious, eco-conscious or just looking to switch up your coffee routine, chart a course for it. planet oats.

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