My go-to ‘first day back from vacation’ meal

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For some reason, knowing what should be my first dinner after coming home from out of town has always been an ongoing internal dispute for me. We can try to hit a restaurant from our trip or on the drive back from the airport, but I’m usually a little worn out and just want to get home. Placing an order, like pizza or Chinese, seems like a good lazy option, but I’ve spent a lot of time after eating out for several days. I could cook some pseudo-healthy food, but it’s not like there are no groceries in the fridge. I could pull a meal Out of the freezer, But it would only be a little anticyclomatic for the last day of holiday dinner.

Enter the Peruvian Chicken.

Polo a La Brasa location are a dozen in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorthern Virginia where I live. It is of course possible to pick up an order made filled with fries and yucca, but I mostly go the route of concentrating with chicken and its scrumptious green chutney, and then growing with sides like salad or beans If I feel a little gross after the trip. (My husband has no such qualities, so we usually end up with some fries in our order, or chaufa, which is Peruvian fried rice.) Peruvian chicken joints always have a quick serving – Even in pre-pandemic. Time – there is no real need to call ahead. If you know that you will be hungry from the time you drag in your way, you can stop for takeout on your way home. It is also very inexpensive, so it is easy to justify the expense, even if you increase the budget of your restaurant while out of town. But it still feels festive, and that means I can Stop cooking For at least one night.

An order of Peruvian chicken also set me up for success for the rest of my week. I have never ordered less than a full chicken for both of us, so that means the leftover meat can be eaten for lunch, folded into a chicken salad, or repurchased in any number. Can be done, even before it is time to rest my fridge. Sides can play a similar role: Often, the next day my breakfast will be either an omelette made of chaffa or some stew beans with a scrambled egg on top.

But Peruvian chicken is more than just our no-brainer post-travel meal (which is a good thing, because travel is not really a frequent thing these days). We pick it up whenever the world feels better and it takes a lot of hard work cooking. Failed in kitchen? Worked till 8 o’clock at night? Roasted pork I was ambitiously distracted now just feeling ineffective? Peru Chicken is the answer.

If you are not lucky enough to have access to the Peruvian chicken where you live, I am sorry for your loss. A store-bought rotisserie chicken can accomplish a lot the same aim As you prepare to be out of town for that dreaded first week, but I cannot promise that it will be quite satisfactory. Maybe if you Make your own green chutneyThe However it seems like a terrible job just after coming back home.

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