Never make this one mistake while cooking porridge

steel-cut oatmeal Game changer. Steel-cut oats are not only primarily satiating, but they are also very versatile and nutritious. Sure, it can take a few extra minutes to prepare them, which will take less time than it would take you to make one. Microwavable Oatmeal PacketsBut trust us—it’s worth it.

However, if you’ve ever made steel-cut oatmeal on your stovetop before, you may have noticed a sticky The result is when you keep the heat a little too high. We’re talking about that translucent film that appears on the top layer of your oatmeal. You can also see that for lack of better words the sticky round is also emerging. Just know, you are not alone—this is a very common occurrence.

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“I’m not sure what to do with it. It sometimes gets crusty and cracking and I end up grumpy by its presence and dump it in the compost bin,” writes Reddit user, polkaron. “One time I decided to take a little bit out of it and it was kind of sweet. I mostly bother to find the texture of my oatmeal. Is it coming from me cooking it incorrectly? Most of the photos I see look like this stuff is never there so I’m wondering if someone else is removing it or it’s cooking me the wrong way.”


She continues and says that she’s used steel-cut varieties from both McCann and Bob’s Red Mill, adding that she “tends” to follow the directions on the package and only use oats and water. Mix in brown sugar and salt.

Two users responded to her inquiry saying that this is probably the effect of soluble fiber in oats Due to which the film or goop is visible on the surface layer. Soluble fiber dissolves in water but perhaps leaving oats on the stove for too long or on a very high heat setting can hinder that process.

“It’s just the soluble fiber in oats. You can try cooking the oats a little less or don’t let them sit for too long if you don’t like the texture,” writes iamthekingoftheworlb.

While we’re not entirely sure whether soluble fiber is the cause of this lumpy substance or thin film, we do know one thing is certain — it won’t hurt you to consume it. The next time you go to make steel-cut oats, try to lower the heat by a smidge and avoid letting them sit on the stove for too long.

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