NuFace Fix is ​​my secret to wrinkle-free skin – and it’s 60 percent off

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We have found your fix here for the lines of laughter, crow’s feet and forehead. (Photo: QVC)

Dreaming of smooth skin? Who is not? Well, I recently decided to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, these quarantine times made it difficult to safely determine facial placement. As I did, I took matters into my own hands and resolved to give myself at home. My genius (if I say so myself) innovation? I did not use any lotion or potion, instead, I relied on a small miraculous device.

NuFace Fix Line Smoothing Device Kajal is barely bigger than a tube, but don’t be fooled – it’s all as powerful as a get-out. Here’s how it works: It has two tiny tiny nodes at its tip that transmit microcurrents to the skin’s surface layer, which instantly smooths fine lines. It is designed to work on small areas of your face – seems to have crow’s feet, lines of smiles, or foreheads – but I also use mine to woo my lips.

Unlike this woman, we are not going to be tight-lipped about this amazing deal.  (Photo: QVC)

Unlike this woman, we are not going to be tight-lipped about this amazing deal. (Photo: QVC)

It is so easy to use. First, I gently massage the line smoothing serum – This kit Comes with two tubes of luggage – on the areas I want to treat. Next i turn on NuFace Fix Line Smooth And I am applying it to every area at intervals of three minutes that I am treating. Microcurrents tingle, and sometimes tickle – but don’t worry, they don’t hurt at all. You can use it on each area up to twice a day. Also, you can use the serum on your own if you just want a hydrating boost.

The magic is how immediate the results are. No need to wait weeks for a cream to work, or wonder if it will negatively affect other products in your skin care regimen. Smooth is safe, easy, and works so quickly, that you will see results after first aid. I did: I use mine at the crease of my forehead, and they are less noticeable after each treatment.

It’s portable, too: even though I haven’t been traveling anywhere for a while (thanks, Global Pandemic), the fix is ​​small enough to fit in a wallet. In addition, it is completely wireless; If you charge it via USB, you are good to go. Want to learn more? this Video The people of QVC will really, um, flesh things out for you.

The fix smoothing device comes in white, ice shimmer and blush pink (above).  (Photo: QVC)

The fix smoothing device comes in white, ice shimmer and blush pink (above). (Photo: QVC)

sound good? Well, this is going to sound better, reduce this miracle NuFace Kit 60% off – $ 247 to $ 99! You are not going to find a better value on this. And you don’t even have to shell out that $ 99 at once. You can make five “easy payments” under $ 20. Plus, you can get $ 10 off your first QVC order with the code Proposal.

So, yes, I’m in love with this product, and I’m in good company: dozens of reviewers swear by it. Even a nurse shouted. “What a cool device,” she shared. “… I shift overnight one day a week and will bring my fix device with me. I use it early in the morning and it helps me look less tired when I have to do rounds.” Do not like feeling tired or watching. It is not very professional. This tool helps me pick up! “

As another reviewer points out, Fix is ​​also a tool for skin care professionals. “This is the same equipment used in spas for facials!” A shopkeeper shared. “It’s awesome !!!!”

Need another testimonial? here is my. “It seems like it immediately erases the lines on my forehead that usually make me feel self-conscious,” the very happy customer wrote. “This device helped relieve the crow’s feet around my eyes and bit my lips! Let it go and experience the magic!”

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