Ocugen, Wellbuilt Enhancement; Talos Energy, Hayes Fall

Stocks that traded heavily or caused substantial price changes on Tuesday: OkUgen, Wellbuilt Rise; Talos Energy, Hayes Fall

Stocks that traded heavily or had significant price changes on Tuesday:

Weibo Corp., from $3.43 to $57.74.

The China-based social media company is reportedly in talks to go private, though it has denied media reports.

Ocugen Inc., rose 24 cents to $7.53.

Bharat Biotech, partner of the biotechnology company, reported encouraging results of a study on a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

Wellbuilt Inc., $1.84 up. Up to $25.02.

Generac Holdings Inc., up $14.15 to $429.35.

Generator maker Chilikon is buying Power, which focuses on products for the solar power market.

Talos Energy Inc., from $1.27 to $14.82.

BioNTech SE, down from $10.50 to $213.50.

An Israeli study found that the company’s COVID-19 vaccine developed with Pfizer is less effective at preventing a new worrying variant.

Hayes Corp., down from $2.99 ​​to $85.18

The energy company’s shares have fallen as oil prices plummeted.

Bank of America Corp., at $1.08 to $40.07.

Bond yields fell, affecting the ability of banks to charge more attractive interest rates on loans.


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