One food to give up to get rid of belly fat, says science

belly fat Not like any other fat – it’s worse. Scientists have found that belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is the most harmful type of fat. In fact, high levels of belly fat increase your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, insulin resistance and even some cancers, according to experts. johns hopkins medicine.

One of the best ways to reduce your belly fat while exercising and improve your heart healthYour diet also plays a big role in your waist size. Following a healthy diet rich in whole foods can help prevent the accumulation of belly fat, but eating certain unhealthy foods can. One of the foods that science has most closely linked to belly fat is white bread—and it’s something you must give up in order to get rid of this dangerous fat. (related: Surprising ways eating white bread affects your body, says science.)

How White Bread is Linked to Belly Fat

In one study, researchers at Tufts University tracked the eating patterns of 459 middle-aged adults over an average of two years. Based on the participants’ food choices, they were classified into any one of six “eating patterns”. study, which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a significant difference was found: While participants who ate a typical “meat-and-potatoes” American diet gained the most weight, it was more evenly distributed around their bodies, with only the midsection. Wasn’t from settling around. On the other end, People who ate the highest amounts of white bread and other highly refined foods gained the most belly fat..

a different British Journal of Nutrition In the review, researchers found that when eating less white bread (but not whole-grain bread), a Mediterranean style dining pattern Can help reduce the weight and belly fat that you can gain over time. Specifically, the results showed that over four years, participants who ate the most white bread weighed 1.7 pounds more and 0.5 inches in waist circumference (belly fat) than those in the lowest quartile. There was more, those who ate the least.

Why does white bread cause belly fat?

Studies linking white bread to belly fat are observational, meaning they can only show that there is a link between white bread consumption and belly fat and Why White bread increases belly fat. However, researchers have some hypotheses.

For one, white bread is high in calories and simple carbs but low in fiber, healthy fats and protein. As a result, white bread is classified as a high-glycemic index (high-GI) food. Studies show that eating low GI foods leads to a feeling of fullness compared to eating high GI foods. In other words, high-GI foods don’t fill you up like other foods, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

Another way that white bread can cause weight gain and belly fat is that it stimulates the release of insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that pulls sugar out of your bloodstream and into the liver, fat, and muscles. When you eat more simple carbs, more insulin is released, and more glucose is likely to be stored as fat and belly fat.

Will all the bread make you fat?

It’s true that white bread is associated with an increased risk of belly fat, but that doesn’t mean all breads are bad. high fiber, whole grain bread is actually linked to low belly fat When consumed along with a healthy diet. The key difference is that the fiber in whole foods can help regulate the body’s response to carbs. Fiber slows the breakdown of carbs into sugar, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes, insulin secretion, and belly fat.

So if you want to lose belly fat, you don’t have to go cold turkey on bread, but consider swapping out your white bread for whole grains, like any of these: The Best Store-Bought Bread Brands, According to the Dietitian.

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