Padma Lakshmi reveals the reality behind gorgeous Instagram photo: ‘I’m tired in here’

Padma Lakshmi shares the reality behind the beautiful Instagram post. (Photo: Getty Images)

Padma Lakshmi Getting real with her Instagram followers after posting a picture from an erotic jewelery shoot where she explains the reality of the day.

head chef Host shared throwback Photo “You can have it all, just not at once,” on social media on Wednesday with a quote from Oprah. Lakshmi then reflected on a moment when she felt that she was losing control of her life.

“This is me in our jewelry campaign for the Padma collection,” she captioned the photo. “I’m tired of being here, not only from doing Top Chef, losing weight and running a jewelry company aside, but all the stress that comes with owning a sole business.”

The beautiful picture, in which Lakshmi is seen in a blazer with a dangling neckline, shows some fragments of her short-lived life jewelry line Which was launched at Bergdorf Goodman. Still, as acknowledged in her recent post, it happened too quickly for her.

“One year after this photo was taken, I had to make the difficult decision as a new mom to close my company, my boyfriend was dying of cancer, and I just couldn’t handle it all,” she wrote .

Lakshmi gave birth to their daughter Krishna, whom she shared with Adam Dale in February 2010. A year later her boyfriend, Theodor Teddy Forstmann, died of brain cancer. Lakshmi later revealed about her death episode of Hollywood Medium.

I already know that I have a very close relationship with this person. i just miss [him],” she told Tyler Henry of Forstmann in 2018. He had a different way of doing things. He didn’t take himself too seriously, which is refreshing in someone who’s accomplished. He was really humble. He had self-confidence. He had swagger. He was a man with a big ego but he took his uniqueness lightly.”

Reflecting on Instagram, Lakshmi concluded, “I learned a lot about my priorities during that time.”

In the comments for the beautiful reminder, people quickly praised Lakshmi.

“Wise words. Life is so precious, fleeting. You never know what’s around the corner,” wrote one.

Another commented, “Thanks for sharing this and I’m sorry you went through this. A friend told me there’s power in saying no, and prioritizing is everything, especially when there’s a small child in the picture.” Yes. Thanks for that. Important message.”

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